What was your best decision in your life

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  1. Mr Rn

    Mr Rn Fapstronaut

    cliché but quitting porn
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  2. You mean so far? Really hard to say and here's why: You may have made a bad decision at one point, say trying a hard drug which led to addiction then rehab, then you can say rehab is the best decision overall. But that only has meaning because you started in the first place.

    And all this is in the context of recovery, not life. Life is a much bigger context. If you make an even better decision today you also may not see the result of it until later, but that doesn't mean it's less good just that there hasn't been time to show the results.

    This will probably be ignored but it's actually important. The entire idea of "best" is stuck in a linear way of measurement and doesn't understand the interdependence with other things. It's only because with time comes perspective that people can say things like quitting whatever is the best decision, as far as they can see. And you just can't see that far with todays best decision just because it's new, even if it's the best yet.
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  3. good point
  4. Sinbad

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    going back to school and finish my education after dropping out
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  5. nice
  6. pancakebaker99

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    Not dating that girl who got pregnant later on. I am too young to be a father and don't really want to be a father
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  7. damn
  8. FirefromAbove

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    Starting at a community college.

    People used to look down on that choice and now they’re in mortgage size debt and tell me they wish they went to a CC lol
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  9. Atticus

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    Not going outside to play catch with a friend who never came back.

    Always listen to your gut, especially when it's asking for a toilet.
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  10. jarvyjarvison

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    Getting on the medication I'm on. You guys have no idea what kind of hell life can be when you have untreated or poorly treated severe mental illness.
  11. Wilde°

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    Getting my shit together and starting to get uncomfortable while doing nofap, basically starting to get rid of addictions and stuff.

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