What was YOUR turning point?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by FromZeroToNinety, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. FromZeroToNinety

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    I relapsed so many times lately that I'm starting to believe I will never beat this. Every time I slip up, a thought goes through my head: "You will come back here. You will reset your counter like you always do."

    Have you been there and what was your REAL turning point? The point where you habits started changing day by day and how did you achieve it?

    Is it true that, in order to overcome porn addiction, we have to change our lives, stay busy all the time with new challenges?
  2. Candun

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    I think its more of a deliberate and consistent effort than one turning point. As far as "staying busy" as a solution, I don't think it's effective personally because no matter what you do you can technically find time to PMO if you want to. Funnily enough the longest I ever went without PMO was at the start of quarantine.

    Staying busy is a good idea in general though
  3. PeaceOnEarth108

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    I wish it was something magical like a certain happening, or cold showers or meditation or getting friends here and so on.
    But truth is with my girlfriend now also working 9 to 5 I'm maybe only 3h per week alone at home. So I just need to survive those few hours. Streaks become longer and longer. And the less I PMO the easier it gets to abstain from PMO.
  4. minimalist_mind

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    According to the law of attraction, our thoughts and imagination are important to attract good things. So, instead of thinking "I will never beat this", just try to replace this with "I will get better and overcome more obstacles". That's the first thing I would like to advise.

    The second key thing that I think is to learn your pattern. What makes you relapsed? Every person has different answers to answer that question. As Lao Tzu quotes "Knowing yourself is Enlightenment", knowing ourselves is the most important one. So, you need to think of yourself what makes you triggered most to relapse. And if you get the lists with the score points, the next thing to do is find a customized solution to solve that trigger point.

    And the final step after a long journey of step1 and step2 will be trying to get an atomic habit of good things instead of thinking relapsing. It's more like we are re-wiring our brian to the good things instead of bad ones.
    (Notes: I don't think staying busing is the primary solution, and it's more like a temporary one since the main control is only us and not staying busy situation. It's more like a set up condition to overcome sometimes and it will not work all the times.)

    So, cheer up bro. It's a long and difficult journey but we can overcome this together.
  5. im_done

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    I failed NNN and I am now sick of my behavior.
  6. Sylveon389

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    My brain really thinks that I can't play video games for that long.

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