What will happen when we die?

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  1. It's TIME to STOPPP

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    Please be serious and not try to be funny in this thread, as it is a philosophical one.

    I personally believe we will enter the state of blankness, which is the same thing as a "dreamless sleep". Those nights when you sleep and wake up, feeling time hasn't past.
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  2. Mr.Conquerer

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  3. HVL85

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    In my opinion, death is the same as before you were alive.

    Of course I hope there will be something like 'heaven'/afterlife, but unfortunately I doubt it.

    Why? Because the concepts of heaven, hell, etc. don't make any sense compared to this life.

    For example.. I can imagine heaven gets pretty boring after a while. An endless state of happyness cannot be achieved without its counter; unhappiness and unfortune.

    Same goes for hell. You live a life of average 75 years, do all kinds of bad stuff, and then you infinitely have to be punished for this? I think a personalized punishment will suffice.

    Moreover, life. Life as we know it, is final. There's an end to it. We are used to everything having an end. This post. The song you're listening to. And so your life. Even earth will end.

    That's why heaven doesn't make any sense, in its infinite way.

    Religion has been emplaced for two main reasons. First off to establish a more liveable society with enticements to live a good life, and not be butchered because your neighbour was angry that day. Second, ignorance. Like we now laugh at the fact people used to believe the gods were 'angry' when there was thunder, we now know better. And so it will be in the future, in another 1000 years that we laugh at these discussions. Provided the earth is still standing.

    Anyway, my short answer is this. Nothing. Nothing will happen when you die, apart from HOW you die. I think everyone deserves to die painlessly.
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  4. brilliantidiot

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    I'm a traditional Christian and I think some will enter heaven and some will go to hell.
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  5. Mr.Chips

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    Nothing would answer this except the belief. Quran, Torah and Bible deliver the message that there is an eternal Afterlife. As a Muslim I believe that the Holy Quran has came to complete and renew the message of the Previous Holy books from Bible, Torah, Zabur and Abraham's testaments and as a final till the day of judgement. If you read it you will understand it, or you can listen to it.

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  6. Hold it in

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    I feel like Im torn between two belief systems. The Christian one

    And the Dao. Right now I'm leading more twords Daoism, which just means you go back into it, the Dao. I'm unsure if you retain all of your personalities while alive but since the Dao is so Natural, more than likely
  7. Concorde-96

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    I think you will reincarnate in another person or animal
  8. SuperPowers

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    Aaran Akbe has a champion YouTube channel, It just came to my memory of this video, I just watched it now for the first time.

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  9. onceaking

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    Damn it! I was wanting to joke around and say something irreverent about this subject.
  10. onceaking

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    Wow! I didn't know you were a Mulsim. You definitely don't seem to be a preachy Muslim which is pretty cool.
  11. MLMVSS

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    When I die, I’ll make sure to let you know what happens.
  12. I used to believe the Bible and be a Christian. Years ago I would have given you a solid answer based on the Bible. I no longer believe in any religion.

    Here’s a fact that’s undeniable:

    There are many different theories as to what happens and people have been willing to argue dogmatically and even fight physically over their different theories. To me it’s all very stupid.

    No one really knows. Some say one thing and some say another. Who’s correct?

    If you adamantly say you’re correct then you’re saying that others with differing opinions are wrong and deluded.
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  13. RestlessEngineer

    RestlessEngineer Fapstronaut

    I'm not sure but there are 3 theories i think might be believable.

    1) We return to the same state we were in as before we were born, so just a neverending blackness untill the universe dies and gets reborn. After that everything might happen.

    2) We will be reborn but not on earth but a planet a lot of lightyears away from earth, a planet where we can start over and try to not make the same mistakes as we made on earth.

    3) (this might be far fetched) but when we die we don't actually die but live on in a parallel universe where we just escaped death untill we die peacefully after which we will be reborn in the same live.

    Personally i don't believe in heaven or hell because that would mean that there would be billions of billions of people there which seams quite impossible.

    Thats my theorie at least what do you guys think of it?
  14. YesICant

    YesICant Fapstronaut

    What if I tell you that what you're living here is not real life?
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  15. RestlessEngineer

    RestlessEngineer Fapstronaut

    But then what is real life?
  16. The Legend of Hope

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    funny thing is I got the song on repeat xD
  17. The Legend of Hope

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    Punishment without getting a chance to change and learn doesn't make sense.
  18. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    It's quiet amusing that this is the part that bothers you xD
  19. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    I dont believe in this but it really sounds nice ^^ :
  20. Nuhope

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    We will be judged for eternity, because eternity is our real destiny. Time is only a device for us to make a decision for or against God.

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