What woud qualify as proof of Jesus divine nature

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    The chances that 2 people will have the same fingerprint is about 1 in 64 billion. that's why fingerprints are used in criminal cases because they are considered near certain proof. What woud qualify as proof of Jesus divine nature. Exhibit 1 the Messiah woud be a descendant of Abraham "deuteronom 1818 written in the 600 BC" based on world population estimates any random person has less than 1 in 350 chance of being the right race to fulfill this prophecy Exhibit 2 the Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah "thats genesis 49:10, written in the 900s B.C" and Messiah would be a descendant of Davd "that is secend Samuel 7:12 written in the 500s B.C" the odds that any given descendant of Abraham could fulfill this prophecy is about a 1 in 10 chance. Exhibit 3 the Messiah would arrive while the temple was still standing "that is in Malachi 3:1 written 400s B.C" and the Messiah would be reveled by 33 A.D. "That is in Daniel 9:24 written in the 500s B.C." any person who has lived since then, had a 1 in 16 chance of being born close enough to this date. Exhibit 4 Messiah would be born in Bethlehem " that is Micah 5:2 written in the 700s BC" there was 1 in 3968 chance of a Roman-era Jew being born in the right place to fulfill this prophecy. Exhibit 5 Messiah would be wounded and pierced before His death and would be assigned a grave with criminals " that is Isaiah 53:5 in 700s BC" that has a 1 in 360 chance of being randomly fulfilled.all credible religious agnostic or atheist experts of history agree that Jesus was born in Bethlehem a descendant of Abraham Judah and David, was alive during the second Temple period, was hailed as Messiah by the crowd in 33 A.D., was wounded and pierced before His death and was assigned a grave with criminals. Historians agree that the vereses that predict these things were written down 100 of years before Jesus. Calculated together the probabillity of all these predictions being randomly fulfilld in one person is about 1 in 68 billion chance
  2. That he was able to prove himself, which he was not.

    I think your calculations are all wrong and everything you wrote is BS brah. Having said that I respect and accept your beliefs in Christ. If it makes you feel good, if it serves you, go for it.
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    A very simple proof that he isn't divine is that he ate food. A logical attribute of god is that he is self sufficient, god doesn't need food to stay sustain his existence.
  4. You forget the theological position that Christ has two nature’s one human and one divine. This allowed him to eat food and die. Obviously his divine nature allowed him to resurrect which is something mortal humans haven’t done.

    Other than Christ being the only religious figure to be preannounced it’s also worth noting that he is the only religious figure who’s arrival and death split time in two and that after his coming and passing all Old Testament sacrifices have ceased to exist. A pretty strange coincidence that Passover lamb sacrifices stop after the passing of a man who claimed to be the Passover Lamb of God.
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    Hi Augie,

    I don't really understand this concept of being both human and divine - it's probably because I have a different definition of what being divine is.

    I define divinity/god in the 'classic' manner - A being to which nothing greater can exist.

    For me then, logically, some of the attributes of the divine is that there can only be one and they are completely self sufficient because if a being is relying on someone else or something else they are not self sufficient and hence not god. This is why I brought up the food.

    By the same principle though I don't believe the divine can have a physical body because a physical body takes up space and hence require a physical place like the world to exist in so to be truly self sufficient the divine can't have a physical body either.

    In regards to being both divine and human - I see this as a conflict because I believe that god hasn't changed at all since his pre-existence (either to better or worse) because if god changed for the better it means god was deficient before the change. Likewise changing from better to worse is also a deficiency and any deficiencies don't meet my definition of god.

    Hope that helps explain my understanding - its hard to put these concepts in writing.
  6. Hi FYLS,

    When it is said Christ had two natures, one human and one divine, it is not saying those two nature’s are the same; rather, it means they are separate. This means Christ’s humanity didn’t add to His divinity nor did it take away from it either. Did Christ need to eat? No as a divine being he did not have to eat. Did Christ will to make His divine nature subordinate to his human nature? Yes, therefore He ate, slept, and died.

    If I have the power to use a tool but choose not to use it, does that mean I no longer have the power? Clearly the answer is no. When Christ chose to make his Divine nature subordinate to his human nature it did not rob him of any power of his divinity. Lastly, Christ took upon himself a human nature not for his perfection but for ours.
  7. Jesus did miracles to prove he was divine and the Son of God.
  8. Fightyourlowerself

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    Would this not mean though that he would have had to change? I.e. from divinity to a human state and vice versa?

    This is part I don't get - any change is a deficiency hence would not meet my definition of divine.
  9. Fightyourlowerself

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    Indeed - some of the miracles I am aware of are the following:
    > Was able to speak whilst an infant
    > Able to give life to a clay bird
    > Healing the blind and the leppers
    > resurrect the dead

    In the scripture I follow after each of these miracles it says "By gods permission" which is why I believe these miracles were to prove he was a messenger of god rather than divine himself. As I understand it, at this time in the world there were breakthroughs in medicine so the healing of the blind and lepper would prove he was not a normal human but a messenger of god.

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