What would happen if NoFap is taken down?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by A_glass1900, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Don't forget everybody- no doxxing, no brigading, please let's NOT mess this up for Alex and NoFap. It is imperative that we don't interfere with legal proceedings. Anyone who takes it upon themselves to defend NoFap's honour, internet vigilante style will only hurt the site, and someone who's already put their name and reputation on the line in order to facilitate healing for many others.
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    I agree, I don’t think Alex or NoFap should be the main focus. But I must ask where are our voices to be shared? Where can we find a banner that we can unite our voices under. Each of us has felt the struggle, shame, and sorrows of P. Yet, we continue to allow ourselves and those around us be Emotionally abused by a multi billion dollar industry. I fear that if a cry is never raised we and future generations will continue to be robbed of the joys that life has to offer. Am I alone in my perspective?
  3. Not so sure about that. I think Alex might pull the plug on nofap if this campaign fails. He's paying the price for his activism in form of both money and reputation, being smeared by porn minions like Prause.
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    Yes, i did consider that outcome, but I believe he would've mentioned it in the post if it was the case. I mean, the guy's made the lawsuit document itself public- at this point, so I don't think we should leave anything to doubt here. It's a logical outcome, yes, but not one that he's presented to us.
  5. The best way to help Alexander to maintain this site is to give donations.
    Not only to support him to have that lawsuit but also to help him to pay the bills he got every month to have this website online!!
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    It seems to have been abandoned by the moderators. I think the next best forum is Rewire Companion but the trouble with that site is that it's moderated by only one person which has be hard work.
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  7. Well I don't think that he's planning to quit, just that it might end up happening. He has already expressed frustration in pretty strong terms a couple of times. Anyways I hope that he doesn't give up.
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  8. Court pleadings always are public (*special circumstances may apply). :)
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    Is there some way to hide the Semen Retention section?
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  10. Well they can try to do that but I don't think it will stand in court. It's a public forum and Alex cannot be held accountable for things other people say that are not in line with the forum policy, and the policy is clear. They even state the policy in the complaint to make clear that he's not supporting hateful behaviours and statements.
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    ^ That actually got a laugh out of me (I was quite active earlier in the year, I am back now... Lessons were learned)
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    Cool, that actually seems like a decent resource, thanks Optimum!
  14. I agree
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    And send no death threats... Apparently people have been sending death threats to the defendant.
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  16. Just reinforces their victim mentality. Honestly they can use that in their testimony and it could help them beat the lawsuit.
  17. If they want to use that against Alex, they'll have to prove that he was the one sending those theats, which they can't because it's not him. They'll also be careful not to accuse him again since they are being sued for defamation.

    However, whoever is sending those threats expose themselves to criminal prosecution, so not a very good idea.

    Of course on a public opinion level it may not help the nofap cause.
  18. And we already have so much mainstream PR against NoFap. Even if it doesn't help the case, people will continue to believe the lie that "NoFap is a neo-conservative cult dedicated to repressing sexuality and hating women." And then there might be more lawsuits, etc.

    Fuck that man, why can't people see that we are suffering and want to help each other out of this mess we're in. Every day I see posts on this site about people wanting to kill themselves but apparently they're just "not accepting of sexual expression" or some bullshit. Money and corporate greed are such poisonous things.
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  19. Haha right man. I love how they say nofap people hate women, when on the contrary we refuse to consume a media and finance an industry which is based on mysoginy and degrading and destroying women.
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    It may look like the response for the recent issue regarding the lawsuit quite low. But then, Nofap is getting recognize by everyone and anywhere.Even if the site shuts down. We fapstronaut will create a stronger community which will be named NoFap 2.0 .
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