What would you like to see in VR?

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  1. I'm currently working on a virtual world (unreal engine "game") with the intend to teach people about stuff, mostly nature and science, as I'm interested in that.

    What would YOU like to see in virtual reality?

    - A sci-fi city with flying cars?
    - Experience the solar system as a heavy object manipulating gravitation?
    - Changing scale so you could see things differently?
    - Dinosaurs?

    Doesn't have to be science related, just drop off some wishes for the future of VR.

  2. zig

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    I would love to see virtual reality used as a tool to relive/experience important historical events. it would be super neato if I could just put on a headset and watch the signing of the declaration of independence, or the first power airplane flight, and I think that type of software could give history much more significance to the students learning it. it's hard to identify with something that's so far away and inaccessible, so vr could really change how we foster a strong knowledge of history with the next generation
  3. HatePorn

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    Maybe something like an ant-man simulation....like how the world would appear from the perspective of a small insect.
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  4. BrowneyedBri

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    I second this !
    Would love to learn about vikings up close
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  5. JesusGreen

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    Education wise, I really want to see VR used for virtual classrooms. I especially think this could be really useful for teaching languages. Back in the UK I thought the language classes were honestly pretty abysmal because you spend the entire time learning to read and write in the language, and had very little practice actually speaking it. So the years of learning I did for French and German did nothing, I can barely remember even a handful of words in either language.

    ...So I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if at least once a week, for example a German class of students learning English, and an English class of students learning German all connected up to each other in VR in class and had to co-operate to complete some kind of puzzles, and had to communicate to get it done.

    I think actually having to use the languages you're learning in this manner would make students learn a lot quicker and retain that information better. Plus, working on some kind of puzzle/game together would make the process a lot of fun.

    I also remember in history class in my first school we had a few computer programs we used to use to teach us about history. The idea is they'd show you, in 2D, some pictures of the inside of a castle, or some medieval town or something, and you could talk to people and learn more about how life worked back then. Or you could look at objects and it would tell you what they are.

    I think with VR something like that could be done even better. Like you could have a series called "A day in the life", where you play out events from the day in the life of people from various historic societies. "A day in the life of a tudor peasant", "A day in the life of a roman legionnaire" etc. You'd find out about what that person ate, their daily routine, etc and you'd play it out scene by scene, like eating breakfast, going to the market to get food, socialising, etc.

    For Geography lessons, you could use VR to show people things from up above from a world map type view, and then let them land in the location you're viewing and learn about the culture, climate, etc.
  6. RainbowShell

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    Me too, huge fan of Norse mythology and the history of the vikings.
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  7. One problem with VR is, if you try to make things look realistic you really need a high-end PC to render the things in realtime. I could image historic events with many people in it - a battlefield for example - would take immense calculating power. It would be likely that you'd need to go somewhere to see these kinds of models and scenes.

    Simulating people is another big thing, the textures are pretty much on point right now, but the movement isn't working out. If you'd have a viking in front of you, you'd get that he's just a 3D-character, or the whole appereance of the scene needs to be stylized, so it's obvios in the first place. Think of a disney movie, you get the idea.

  8. I would also really like to see what it would look like, if the moon was replaced by saturn, and it slowly passes the earth while you are in a beautiful scene. Maybe paris at night or at the grand canyon.

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