What would you realistically do in this situation?

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  1. Austin88

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    You are 17 years old and a big, muscular bully at your school starts yelling his head off at you, swearing, kicking and punching the door, trying to get in your face and calling you a person in the toilet in front of his friends for stealing his cubicle. You’ve locked yourself in the cubicle. What do you do?

    Two options:
    1. try to fight him. Possibly get knocked out and or humiliated
    2. keep quiet and wait for the bully to leave. But everyone knows you’re a scared chicken
  2. Infrasapiens

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    I would shove my thumb into his eye socket, but not too deep or you'll kill him and you don't want that yet. If he is a first world bully, he is going to look for revenge, so you need to go to the hospital and finish the job. Then you need someone else to put the blame on, someone is probably going to visit him so frame him by leaving traces of the poison you used on his belongings.

    Or just wait in the bathroom until he leaves, look for him after class and beat him up with a baseball bat.
  3. No way, I would stay inside that shit the whole day if necessary
  4. I would fight him without hesitation, i cant stand bullies. If he beat me up and tried it again another day, i would fight him again until he tired of it. Plus, you'll find that most times bullies don't like prey that fights back, so they'll probably back off after awhile
  5. Deadmemories

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    Stand up to him. Let him take the first swing and defend. Even when you whoop his ass after you have a case of self defense.
  6. FeelTheThunder

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    I'd stay in the cubicle but Let's be real, I'm also muscular to an extend and I am gonna die defending myself.
  7. 2 easily. I'm not risking my safety over something as silly as pride. Honor doesn't exist and being tough is about more than having muscles. The better person is the one who walks away.
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  9. Blues017

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    I'd go out and face him. It's not about proving you're not scared, but you have to stand for yourself.
    He'll keep bothering untill you set your boundaries.
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  10. FeelTheThunder

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    I was bullied throughout my Junior HS
    Then I did nofap, I was able to win arm wrestles with a few people but then even with the people i didnt win, I was able to defend myself. We were all friends but they get weird
    One day this guy was pulling me towards a girl to make me ask her out whom i said was "hot" and surprisingly I grabbed his wrist and twisted it.
    Nope he wasn't hurt nor did he show much pain but He didn't pull me again.
    Another time this guy used to beat me and slap me for fun
    He slapped me once, I didn't have the guts as it was for fun and I didn't want it to get serious but next day i slapped him "you slapped me yesterday", And damn he didn't mind it much but needless to say, He never touched me ever again
    If you can punch weakly but at the beginning, you won't have to face the hard punches in the end.
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  11. Triplex VII

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    What I am about to say is not full proof. But it has never failed me. Pay close attention:

    Step 1) When you are being harassed by somebody in front of other people you should try to remain calm, but be prepared to either fight or run away if necessary.
    Step 2) Speak calmly no matter what happens. Take all insults, and do not insult in return. Remain in a calm voice.
    Step 3) Compliment the person. You MUST do this a SPECIFIC way. If they are being rude and dumb, violent, whatever - tell them that they are the opposite. Example: "Look, you are a smart, decent guy and you are mature for our ages." This MUST sound like you truly mean it!!! What you are doing here is giving him a compliment he doesn't deserve and he will be taken off guard. This is where you take over his ego. He wants to look cool in front of the crowd. Now you just gave the crowd (and him) a positive image of what he is. He will feel compelled to become what you said he was because if he doesnt, he will subconsciously fear losing the attraction of the crowd at the cost of his own ego. You will manipulate him this way.
    Step 4) Try to hear him out if you can get him to get to the root of his problem with you. Use logic and not feelings to solve it if you can.
    Step 5) If he still seems to be bent on violence, lightly insult him by shame. This attacks the ego, but in a manipulative way. You MUST do it just like this: "Come on man, dont you know how to solve problems without violence? Lets act like real men here. You're better than that." This pressures his ego to obey your command again by using positive reinforcement and uses the crowd as added pressure. Additionally, you are following up with the compliment that he is "better than this".

    There it is. I have done this so many times. I have avoided several fights, and as a kid I have even manipulated adults into acting more civilized and decent to me when they were angry. People are different. It wont likely work on all people. But this manipulation tactic has never failed me. It even worked without crowds. Try it out. You shouldn't regret it. Oh, and it commands respect too. Thats an added bonus. If you want to truly conquer a person, conquer their mind.
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    Honestly, I'm a softie and would just wait for him to leave. If this is a school bathroom, it's possible that a teacher will hear the bully screaming and deal with the situation. But no, I wouldn't open the door and put my safety in danger just because there's a chance that some people might think I'm a wuss.
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  13. Whatever you do, don't tell on him.

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