What's a P-sub?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Dendrite, Jul 20, 2016.

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    I took a look in the glossary, but I couldn't find it. I initially thought it stood for "Porn Subscription"... I know that you can subscribe to a porn site, though I've never done that (that would make me a chronic masturbator! yep, it's denial). Another user, in another thread, was asking about whether a "P-sub" counts as a relapse, and someone else said that they didn't. But you'd have to go to a porn site to subscribe, wouldn't you? So wouldn't that be a relapse?

    Is it "Porn substitute", a hobby that you pick up to avoid porn? But then why would someone ask if a substitute counted as a relapse?

    Could someone explain, please? And I don't know who's reading this, but if you have the ability to put it into the glossary, it should go into the glossary.
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    Glossary update is good!

    Basically, P-substitutes is every material or content that is not straigh porn, but that arouses YOU. P-subs can be plenty!
    It could be centerfold picture of a lady wearing a bikini, a lingerie catalogue, a fetish, a beach vacation picture folder (again women in bikinis) ,you tube videos, instagram stuff, sexting, whatever gives you a shot of dopamine. Even objectification of women, if you walk down the street or work-out at the local gym and look around at people's "features" and it arouses you....

    @Yesodi , your specs (counters) are quite the bomb! You are a sage!

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