What's realistic about erection?

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    Hello Fapstronauts,
    Help me answer a few questions about erection. I am 35 and on 90 days challenge. 45 days completed.

    1) Is it realistic expectation to "think" about sex moments with a real lady and achieve a rock hard erection even with thinking about it and maintain it till the thought process.
    2) Is it realistic expectation that when you are alone and aroused at your work place chatting to your distant girl friend about last sexual encounter with her and stay rock hard throughout the "sexting"?
    3) At the age of 35, is it a realistic expectation to have an good erection anytime you think about sex and maintain it?

    the above used to hold true in early 20s.
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  2. For me it is possible now and I'm 49.
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    Do you get a rock hard erections at 49 ?? What is your refectory period?? How many ejaculation you undergo in a session with a girl ?? Timing for each ejaculation will help me figure out lot of things?? I m 43 and with a NOFAP, day 30. I had a normal sex 8 yrs back. Just want to know what to expect at this age ?? Your reply will be beneficial for me
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    Everybody is different. There is no "normal" and "correct". Your body will respond in its own way.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    You have very high expectations. I haven't gotten nowhere near it (38yo).
    The nearest to your description I come to was during last years streak. 5 months of "monk mode" followed by 14 days of 30-40km daily hikes. I had spontaneous erections just by seeing hot women on streets like I was 20 again after returning home. It was kind of embarrassing. I believe 8-10H walks really helped curing PIED. Pumping 15 liters of blood instead 1 for long time really helped me with my erection problems. That being said, I f...ed up by returning to my months long old binge ways soon after. I'm no where near your desired results today, but still much better PIED wise than half year ago.
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    When you are feeling tempted to PMO, remember the improvements you've experienced on your journey of healing. Focus on what you've gained. Continue strong and you'll continue to heal.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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