What's the point honestly?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by recovery_isaac, Oct 26, 2019.

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    I feel like I can't make any friendships in real life. I try and make a friend and they just get what they want out of me for a time and just straight up leave. What's the point? Anything I try just doesn't seem to work. I'm gonna be alone for life and that's that.
  2. I would like to encourage you. I've often felt the same way in life, from my point of view you have to live for something even if you have nothing. Some people connect with the Almighty, some join a band others volunteer their time. I had to remember there is always something to live for. Always, always, always. Even if it's pitch black everywhere. I was fortunate Jesus stopped me in my tracks and revealed himself to me in a most personal way. And, I, cannot thank him enough. It's totally the corny sinner meets Jesus story but it's my story. lol

    It totally changed my life. I hope this helps
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    Yeah honestly the only peace I have is when I pray. I know that someone out there is listening because I've had that experience. I'm not sure what God that is, but it's a God. I just wish I could have a real friendship in life. Not a fake one. Like an actual face to face friendship.
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    But honestly I don't care though. Being alone is better than the heartache that comes when the friendship is over.
  5. I think since we are such social animals it really cuts deep when a friendship doesn't manifest, ends early or we just can't make a connection. Try not to worry about it, because worrying only adds to your mental dilemma

    To put things in perspective, to know yourself, and to be patient enough with yourself to accept whatever outcome you find yourself in is key.

    To be content with the way things are is hard and nothing comes easy, but you seem like a great dude. Someone is bound to notice what you have to offer in the friendship dept. :)
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    So I guess just accept my loneliness as it is? I can do that.
  7. Yes and No. Yes because sometimes loneliness is something we have to deal with, as unfortunate as it is and it does suck. Some people are of the opinion that things don't leave us until they teach us..

    No because at some point
    you must take control to direct your path to places that are conductive to high possibilities of meeting friends. Whatever that may be, Join a club, play a sport, there s literally endless possibilities to meet someone.

    Just keep moving. :)
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    The hard thing is... Why would I want to meet someone when I already know they'll probably just use me and turn on me in the future?
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  9. it's a good question. But you shouldn't set yourself up for failure by playing out hypotheticals in your mind. I think people are in general good. Give them a chance, make good choices. Don't go for instance to some gang bangers house to try and kick it

    One way or another a valuable friendship should come your way, Good luck to you my friend.
  10. recovery_isaac

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    I guess we'll see... I just don't know how to meet people or where to meet people. And when I do meet people, it turns out horribly for me... I literally lost a friendship the other day :(
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    Hey pal, everything's going to be okay. We're all human here and can feel what you're going through, obviously some better than others. I've been at this stage in life and I ain't going to act like I have the answer for this, but it will get better. For the time being, to help you in your mental state:
    • Go for Walk (it can just be for 10 minutes, any exercise is better than none)
    • Eat Healthier (Doesn't mean you should just have fruit all the time, there is still delicious food that is healthy and remember that our bodies need a little bit of fat, regardless of what others say)
    • Make a Timetable (Find or make a Timetable where you put down what you are going to do at these times of the day, each day. You could do something different Monday compared to Tuesday, it's just nice to stay organised you know?)
    • Read or Create (I've jotted this one down in my timetable but at around 11am I will either sketch or DIY, and if I don't do that, I'll just get a book and read, audio books count too)
    • Try getting involved in Clubs or Community events (This one can be quite difficult at first, I'm currently looking into art classes in the town next to me, which I know will help my mental state and social interaction, but everyone is different.)
    • Gym or Home Exercise (A lot of people recommend this one, but with good reason. I understand that it can be quite expensive sometimes and for some, gyms are a little out of reach. However, over here at least, you can get a doctor to refer you to the gym for free or doing some sit-ups and press-ups at home are still very good. You're body will thank you, honestly!)
    Lastly, and obviously, don't stay in one place all day and watch Porn. I know this is fairly straight forward but Porn is like pleasure eating. We do it because we are emotionally down and try to bring it back up by unnecessary acts. It really isn't worth it and your mind thinks it's a "cure" to make you happy again. You and I both know that isn't the answer and will only drive you further away from what you want.

    I'll leave you with one last thing,

    If you want things to be different in life, you'll just have to do different things.

    Stay strong friend and trust me, there is hope for all of us and just follow your own destiny.

  12. That's not a winning mentality. You gotta ignore those thoughts and do what's right. Humans don't do well when we're alone.
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    Thank you for that. Seriously.
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  14. I've been in the same place for a long time. Friendships need to have benefits for both people in order to work. I'm have a friend right now who asks a lot of things from me but gives me very few things in return. You and me both need to start standing up for ourselves and leaving relationships that are only benefitting the other person.
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    I'll be your friend. Since we're cool now can I borrow twenty bucks?
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    It's all good my friend. If you ever need anyone to talk too, don't hesitate to ask. We're all on this journey together. :)
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    You need to stop being a pussy. People dont like people who beg for a relationship. Man the fuck up.
  18. recovery_isaac

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    Yeah thanks for increasing my anxiety.
  19. recovery_isaac

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    Lol yes xD One problem though. I'm a broke college student.
  20. Don't even pay attention to somebody like that. It's just noise, keep on keepin' on, :)
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