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    Hi, i'm new to nofap, i'm 17 yo but i've been trying to quit Porn and Masturbation for the last year. I read the Getting Started Guide but i found a lot of meanings to reboot.
    What does a reboot really mean?
    What are the signs of a reboot from porn and masturbation?
    Does a reboot from porn and masturbation mean that i won't get urges ever again?
  2. Psalm27:1my light

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    You’re going to get sexual urges throughout your life. Your urges should focus on real women though, not porn. However, if you have an addiction to porn and masturbation your urges will be in that direction. A healthy sex drive should be geared towards another person, not an iPhone of endless images. You damage your brain with porn and masturbation to porn. Sex with a human is about connection, about giving rather than just taking.
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    A theory is that porn perverts your sexual tastes and preferences and let's you choose porn over real life peoples. To have normal sexual tastes (to real persons) the brain needs some time completely abstaining from porn, sort of 'to forget' all those overstimulating porn stuff. In order to ease that process and have an even better outcome, abstaining from masturbation is necessary for the reboot - after all, what would you masturbate to --> most likely some porn images engraved in your brain.

    So originally the reboot idea was to abstain once for 30 days (or more when needed) and then you would be a lot better of, your brain would be 'resetted' or 'rebooted' to your standard brain without the influence of porn. After that reboot MO would technically be allowed again, staying away from Porn is something you should strive for even after the reboot. You might not be cured of urges to browse porn, but your brain and your sexual tastes should be free from that perversion.

    In my opinion a lot of people here on nofap misuse the term reboot - many people here try to achive a lifestyle without masturbation and still call that a reboot.
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