Whats the story with camgirls?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by dorpwnz, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. dorpwnz

    dorpwnz Fapstronaut

    Why are they so interested in stranger people's money?
    You would see teen american girls in their home,not just those romanian studio camgirls
    It's horrible,these girls just "drain" the guys sexual attraction
    i dont know what i would have done if i didn't know about the vicious cycle of PMO
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  2. Brandon2001

    Brandon2001 Fapstronaut

    Being someone who has cammed before, I can kinda say the adventure of it, kinda doing something you know you shouldnt, was probably the biggest reason I did it. It is pretty dangerous though. There are a lot of creepers on the internet.
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  3. Kristen

    Kristen Guest

    For me..
    I guess the attention?
    I kinda would like to pretend the person is in love with me...and it works well especially when someone actually says they love me on cam.
    And just being praised?
    I liked being praised for a good job...and for guys to melt in my arms pretty much...and seeing someone beg for me to show myself.
    In real life...I have never really been shown love or approval and felt like i was wanted by anyone...so i was living that dream by showing myself on cam. And also
    I like making others feel good and being praised and the person being grateful for it. Sometimes id imagine that this would actually turn into a real loving relationship. But when i brought one cam relationship into real life....I only felt used.
    Sex doesn't equal love..
    But i cant seem to get that in my head.
  4. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    In my pmo history I've visited cam sites.
    And one big thing I learned from it is that the viewers are extremely demanding, but in an objectifying way.
    Chivalry is dead on top of dead on cam sites, there's no nice talk it's all just "get your P***y out" or "show me your feet now!".
    I used to MO to cam girls, but I eventually left that scene because of 2 things, the comments people made and the fact I felt like a peeping tom, like I was spying on the cam girl from a window, it just started feeling creepish.

    But going back to the comments people would make. It was really an eye opener to how many messed up people there are on the internet. You can even sense from the grammar they use how aggressive they are and likely abusive or creepy they would likely be in real life.
  5. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    Kristen can I ask... have you had a relationship with someone who you met from the real world (college, party or chance) not the internet world?
    I'm curious because I think it would be good for you. Please tell me if I'm wrong but I think you are apprehensive of the real world, cause I feel you like to do everything online. Tell me if I'm wrong or not...I'm curious. Because we both know that if you try to find real meaningful relationships via cam or sexting it's never going to work, why? Because the only thing people who are on cam or do sexting want, is one thing...sex. They don't care about what matters.
    You need to find a man who likes you for who you are as a person with personality, not a person with sex appeal, I think that's what you need to feel loved for real.
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  6. Kristen

    Kristen Guest

    Well I had lots of online relationships and then i met a guy from online in real lige and we dated for 2 weeks.. :/
    Otherwise I haven't dated because I cant really find any decent guys.. and also idk how to do loving sex? And it scares me to actually be serious about someone and have sex with them..cause in my mind..sex has never been a loving thing
  7. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    Hmmm, it sounds tough. It doesn't help that in this day and age everything is so fast paced either, what happened to they days a guy and a girl would go out for a few weeks before doing the jiggy. Now it seems that the whole sex part of a relationship is the most important.
    Which is a shame because people don't get to know each other as people anymore.
    Loving sex can only exist if you actually love the person your with you see, and try not to think of the actual sex as the definition of love. Sex should come after love, never before, because sex is a false representation of love if the love was never there.
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  8. that's for sure! sex isn't Love.
  9. RiseWithHope

    RiseWithHope Fapstronaut

    Sex can not equal to love. But love between to opposite sex will lead to sex only. Although it won't be like sex we watch on porn sites. But it is the ultimate form of love only. You have to satisfy your human desires.
    And obviously, if you want to make family with them you have to think in this way.
  10. MasturbatieAtelier

    MasturbatieAtelier Fapstronaut

    If you don't mind me asking, were you a camgirl Kristen?

    I started watching cams during the last year of my addiction. I think I must have spend $2000 in total, and many many hours browsing and talking to camgirls. Obviously the thought of this brings me much shame and regret, and is one of the major reasons for me to quit PMO.

    Camgirls are not particularly interested in stranger peoples money, they are just intrested in any kind of money. The top cam girls, the American ones with a large fanbase, really make bank. Imagine working at home, and making enough to pay for your education, buy a nice appartement and drive a sweet car. It's almost to easy. I do believe many of them have no ill intentions. It's a fair deal, you pay them in exchange for intimacy and sex acts. It's a kind of prostitution with less of a stigma attached for the worker. Appearently strippers tend to do it as a job on the side. I also think some of the camgirls are genuinly enjoying themselves, partying, dancing, playing funny games, having random conversations with random people, all while being royally payed.
    On the other hand, there are girls that make guys pay insane amounts of money in exchange for phone numbers or dates that will never happen. So a fair amount of scamming does happen. And of course there's the eastern european girls that might be forced to work, or are at least not happy with their situation.
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  11. Amazon wishlists, little games here and there - to earn points and be in a draw as a lucky winner of the cammer's dirty laundry, exclusive access to social media or "never before seen" footage of an exclusive nature. All these mind games - all this power tripping. @MasturbatieAtelier camgirls was the last of my PMO addiction. I never spent money but emotional mileage, I got lost in the void of their lifestyle, I imagined all frontiers their lives and what may have lead them to camming but ultimately, it was all about getting the fkn fix - it was the closest I found to real life i.e. i couldnt press pause so it felt alive. @Kristen yes, very early on... I would be muttering "I love you" and shit like that and I was really "infatuated" with one too many camgirls... this kind of behavior comes from a lonely place of sadness, depression and longing for connection --- I fell in love with their personalities, their every little details and the sex was the bonus cherry on the top!!!

    Eventually I realized...why settle for "looking" at this shit? And the small empty "compliments" that don't mean shit? On both ends... this is just... fucking sad. It's unnecessary and meek - getting out of PMO, I realized I visited it because I had no concept of who I was and no definition or shape of my own dreams and desires in real life.
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  12. MasturbatieAtelier

    MasturbatieAtelier Fapstronaut

    @ons.obb_swaha I never really got involved emotionally with camgirls. I am probably way to far gone for that, I guess for me it's all about novelty, new girls every time. Even though the acts performed aren't any more extreme than regular P, but the fact that it feels "alive" makes it exciting for the brain and generates that much needed dopamine hit.
    There are also community forums for camgirls. They actually share tips and tricks on how to manipulate and control the viewers.

    Man this thread is a major trigger for me, also motivating though.
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  13. MetalFapper

    MetalFapper Fapstronaut

    Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel that if I were a woman, I would be totally down for being a cam girl. I mean seriously, all you would have to do is be decent looking, flirty, and not to mention you get paid (sometimes big bucks like someone else said) for just MOing? Sounds like a good deal to me lol. But then comes the self respect aspect of all of it. I guess if you only did it on the side for some extra cash and could separate it as "work" instead of real life it wouldnt be too bad. Idk Im weird though and open to almost anything. I guess that curiosity is part of how I got dragged into this addiction to begin with.
  14. Disgruntled Worker

    Disgruntled Worker Fapstronaut

    ...except for the fact that any footage recorded on a cam site can and probably will be used against you in your immediate future and even down the road. No high-profile, influential politician, or media personality or businessman has pictures of their dicks or pussies on public display.

    It's the same dumb logic that porn actors or strippers use when they first break into the industry: "Oh! I'll just do it for a couple of years to pay the rent." Then 20 years later when their looks go to hell and they have to pay their utilities bill, they can't find a job outside of bottom-of-the-barrel entry level stuff.

    Camming, porn, stripping - it's all a quick easy fix that comes at a heavy price. Your reputation and the way the public perceives you are jeopardized. Traci Lords did porn 30 years ago and still faces that stigma many years after retirement. And in those days it was much harder to zero in on a woman's identity. Now with social media and the proliferation of the internet, any sort of sex work is essentially a death sentence for your career.
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  15. MetalFapper

    MetalFapper Fapstronaut

    Very true, but I also feel like it depends on the extent at which you take the camming. Occasional camming to me is different than being a full time porn actor/actress. Im kinda an average joe. I dont have any intentions whatsoever of being a high profile worker in any sense. I honestly wouldnt really care that much if my dick pics were floating around the internet. My only fear would be if my family found out which sense they are technologically challenged I doubt that would ever happen. But like I said, Im weird. Most people probably dont have my train of thought.
  16. Themadfapper

    Themadfapper Fapstronaut

    It's a good indicator that you are not in a good place mentally when you desire to own a stranger's dirty laundry, lol. Most of these girls in real life I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole and I would need a hazmat suit before I would go near their used undergarments.
  17. Kristen

    Kristen Guest

    I was sort of a cam girl.
    I didnt get paid.
    I just would look for ads for guys looking for a cam girl or go online on chat sites or skype.
    I didnt get paid...but i just wanted to make a lonely guy feel loved?
    Idk...and maybe he would love me? And we could be in love..although that is naive thinking. And i knew that but still kinda hoped.
    But either way enjoyed the attention and its good to feel liked.
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  18. wj2727

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  19. kk76

    kk76 Fapstronaut

    A weakness of mine for sure.

    It just felt as if the person was there in front of me. I would have loads of windows open and flick between them to find the naked one.
  20. Exactly!!! You are no longer yourself - when you hit enter to go to the site, it's like you've dissociated and split yourself apart from you --- who the fuck would even think to pay for such shit!? But it happens!!! The routine exploitation of emotions... and therein lies the key to our questions - master your emotional states and you are in control.

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