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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by theforce, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. theforce

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    I thought it would be excellent to hear from people, let's keep this thread going of WHAT IS WORKING FOR YOU - experienced or not.
  2. Branstark

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    My main problem was feet feetish, whenever I see girl feet I mastrubated, after NoFap challenge I realised that my feet feetish is fading away actually I’ve seen results on the 4th day
    Don’t judge me because I’ve foot feetish
    And sorry for terrible English
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  3. Betakerotin

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    Exercise working fr me. .....
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  4. legolas_01

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    No one will judge you here. And your English is far from being terrible.
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  5. Protagonist

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    Going out with friends and being more social has really worked for me.
  6. Finally after years I took action I started walking and stop talking and I’m in 3-4 weeks and I feel good about it for once I’m actually happy and ok with quitting for me the problem was that I never really tried to quit properly I just said I want to quit but now it’s diffrent now I’m serious
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  7. DainTrinity

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    Honestly, I'm a sheer willpower type of person ... Just like to be around people who understand. Beat cam model addiction through willpower, beat cannabis addiction through willpower, will beat pmo through willpower.
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  8. I think willpower is ultimately what it comes down to. If you want to relapse, you're going to find a way to do it. It's all about saying no to PMO, fundamentally.
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  9. You may be right but at the beginning of stopping that’s not the case
  10. How?
  11. Tt1000

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    Exercising..cold shower and site blockers
  12. Fifty pushups helps me not relapse
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  13. DainTrinity

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    Willpower is necessary, but I think a key requirement to developing that willpower is knowing you have support and believing in yourself that you WILL beat it. Always tell yourself you will. It's not a question of if, there's no doubt that you will, it's a matter of when. I think the support is necessary as a first step though. The loneliness is inevitably what drove most of us to this addiction.

    And remember HALT. Hunger, anger, loneliness, tiredness, are all your enemies in the fight against addiction. Focus on resolving these and you will quiet cravings much better.
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  14. theforce

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    wow powerful!
  15. SuperLulox

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    Well I think that will power is key, but you have to understand that it's a muscle. You have to train your willpower. Meditation is incredibly useful, as it trains your willpower, maintains you relaxed and allows you to deal with stress better. And hell, we all know how stressful rebooting can get.
  16. Bizzle

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    Just getting started is hard. For me it took multiple times of realizing I felt horrible afterwards, and making a point to capture those emotions, even writing them down, so that the end result could be in my mind before I started to relapse. Once I got started for me it's about finding a routine and then building on it. Starting with saying im going to get out of bed right away, once that becomes natural, add to it; ie. I wont turn on my phone until im dressed, i won't stay in my pj's once im out of bed. Form new healthy habits to get you going in the right direction
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  17. Peacemaker270

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    In my 20 day streak i just felt weightless cause of getting it off my chest and the sex was amazing. A few shorties but it was still great. Rebooting again after some bad days. Ran this morning real hard, just did the gym, focusing on every single positive thing i can. Also if I think about the porn i just think of the negatives about it and literally say “no”, kinda weird i know hahah. I think of stupid things to motivate me, a longer beard, better performance in the gym and the sack. Look better. And most important to me, a clean conscience.
  18. Winner11

    Winner11 Fapstronaut

    Fasting, recording the reasons for relapse, having an AP.
  19. NewBeginning2018

    NewBeginning2018 Fapstronaut

    Making myself more busy. Finding new activities to engage in such as, exercising, joining clubs, and reading. These things have drastically decreased the amount of time I would spend alone in the past.
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