What's Worse? Indecision or the Stress of Making a Chance

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by TheStrugglingPoet, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    Since I've been on this site, my longest streak without PMO has been about two and a half days. Although, I struggle to kick the habit, logically speaking, I understand how dangerous sexual addiction is. Ever since, I've developed this addiction to PMO, I've been constantly guilty, excessively tired, depressed, addicted to junk food and insecure.

    Obviously, I often get urges to relapse. During this urges, I go through what seems to be an existential crisis: "do I want to wank off or do I want to say no? If I wank off, I'll continue to cycle. If I say no, I'll become one step closer to kicking the habit." During these "existential crises," I debate for a long time and most time, I choose the former option.

    I had one of these "existential crises" a few minutes ago. As I stated earlier, I debated whether or not I want to wank off or not for a while (about 15 minutes). While debating, I thought, "Why am I being so indecisive? Indecision is more stressful than making a choice, the latter choice of course.

    Sure, change comes with stress. That's the reason I struggle with saying no. Being someone who's used to abusing his serotonin supply, not masturbating is stressful.

    Although experiencing the fear-of-the-unknown is stressful, indecision is even more stressful because it makes making the choice, an easy one to make in this case, seem like the faith of humanity is in your hands and really, it's not. To simplify, the situation, all of want to quit PMO and in quitting PMO, we have two options: working towards the goal or work against it. Seeing how we want to quit PMO, the choice is easy to make: work towards the goal. This is really a dilemma that has a predetermined decision that's been made for you; you just have to act on it.

    Aristotle stated that reason must rule over emotions. Emotionally, many of us want to masturbate but rationally, we don't, based on our goals. As quitting PMO is a reasonable goal, we must choose that over our emotional urges to do PMO. Aristotle's statement is a reason why there is no need for indecision. Because the reasonable choice is the choice that's already been determined and the only path to recovery.

    Sure, quitting PMO is stressful but an exaggerated dilemma is even more stressful. You have a path to take and you have logic on your side. Ignore your urges and don't debate whether or not you want to wank off. DON'T wank off because that's the option that will lead to success.

    After thinking about that, I'm going to say no today and remind myself to say no everyday. I believe I can kick the habit. I believe we all can. If you're going to stress, choose the short term stress of making a change and not the recurrent stress of being indecisive between the right and wrong decisions.

    Tell me what you think!
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    Sounds like a battle going on in your head one side wants pleasure now and the other side wants a happier life tomorrow. Not getting that pleasure today is what makes tomorrow better.. One of the things i repeat to myself when im struggling though anything id benifit in the future from i tell myself "bad for today good for tomorrow" and i repeat it a few times to try to ingrain the idea that i understand im forcing myself to be uncomfortable today to benifit tomorrow. Dont entertain the battle between the two sides trump the short sighted version of yourself and end the arguement before it begins. Stay stubborn to your goal as if you were a man on a grand quest. Giant ogre blocking the path? Kill his person ass and keep going. Mountain in the way? Climb that person and stake a flag on the top that says fuck you mountain i dominated your person ass
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    "Bad for tomorrow, good for tomorrow." I like that. But thanks for the advice man."
  4. yes the ability to choose a response is the definition of responsibility. We want to be responsible people or else we risk the opposite, living with not choosing or reacting.

    This is a great way to out think the desire analytically. As you have noted this is the job of the philosopher. Reflection and contemplation on what is essentially good and of our own nature.

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