What's worse? Longer streaks then a binge or shorter streaks and a single relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by skaterdrew, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I am just wondering what would actually be worse out the two of these?

    So say someone got a streak of 2 weeks and then went on a PMO binge that lasted an entire day, then got another 2 week streak and then went on a PMO binge for an entire day.

    Then say someone got a streak of a week and then PMOed for 10 minutes, and then got another streak of a week and PMOed for 10 minutes, then got another streak of a week and PMOed for 10 minutes, and then got another streak of 10 minutes.

    Which is worse out the two of these?

    It seriously comes across like some guys on this think long streaks are everything. They think complete abstinence is the only way.

    So your trying to tell me that if a guy who is addicted to porn and has PIED PMOed twice in an entire month for 10 minutes each time that this guy would see no improvements because of these two 10 minute relapses in the entire month?
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  2. TransmutationYoda

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    You can watch porn, just don't orgasm to it ;)

    You need to dissociate orgasm from porn.
  3. Ronaldo Machuca

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    PMO'ing every other day or as you say after 2 days is worse as you aren't giving your body and mind enough time to heal and recover and become less dependent on the dopamine from PMO. Longer streaks are better obviously as your body healed and needs less time to recover. and it's likely you'll go a long streak again and your body will eventually become normal from fapping lets say once a month. If you keep relapsing every 2 days you aren't healing or recovering. Your causing more tolerance and it'll be almost too hard to heal.
  4. Kligor

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    Hi i will write my experience.
    Last time i relapsed that was 10 or 11 days ago i PMO after 269 days of no PMO.
    And i can tell you i feel almost the same like before relapse,now after 10 or 11 days i can tell that i feel same like when i was on high streak.During relapse first i have watched femdom for 30+ minutes then i turned it down,after few minutes i started watching again and them when i fired up O it was like shotgun blast,funny but truth.
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  5. diaspar

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    Which is more important, a long streak or avoiding bingeing and getting back on track quickly?

    Both are important, but the latter is underrated. Always do your best to avoid bingeing and the chaser effect. And of course, aim for a "forever" streak. But if you slip, get back on track straight away.

    He said two weeks, not two days.
  6. Ezpz

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    No, please don't give out this advice. Porn is the actual problem, masturbation and orgasm are secondary by far. Visit www.yourbrainonporn.com to check out why this is, the FAQ section is most helpful.

    To answer the original post, A binge is the worst you can do in all scenarios as it strengthens those PMO pathways. Its hard to say how much damage 10 minutes of PMO can do but i would say still a significant amount. I doubt any progression could be made PMOing 10 minutes a week.
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  7. TransmutationYoda

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  8. Ezpz

    Ezpz Fapstronaut

    listen man, i get you are trying to help and thats cool. If this worked for you then thats great. You probably werent addicted.

    Giving this advice to someone with a serious problem is dangerous and can cause more harm than good.
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  9. Reverent

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    Why is this pole binary?

    Long streaks are always better.
    Not bingeing is always better.

    Short streaks are denial, you are only kidding yourself.

    Bingeing hyper stimulates the brain and undoes the little progress we make. You fry a lot of neuroreceptors in binging. Also it's emotionally a harder funk to get out of.

    Best of luck.
  10. bigboibez

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    I probably pmo every 7-10 days and make sure its only one O when i do. I am almost certain that i would be able to get it up with a real partner and have morning wood. Im trying to break through the cycle but i can tell you if you can build a good routine and reduce your pmo use if you can replace it with a real girl youll stop pmo just like that
  11. Ibnmorales

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    I believe that one should not watch porn( on purpose) or masturbate ,my beliefs are that if you masturbate you are not a man you are a boy in a man's body so to answer your question which is worse ? there is no benefit to either or.
  12. Freeddom_Taker

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    To me orgasm is the worst of the three(3) i.e pmo. But porn is most likely the cause of the other 2(mo). So it's best to stay away from the source.

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