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  1. *pulls out magnifying glass*
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  2. Yeah, it's been here for eleven days but who's counting.
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  3. The word 'God', when not short hand for 'the God Christians believe in' or whatever, becomes something of a catch all term for beings with all sorts of radically different attributes. So there could be a benevolent God who is not all-powerful- hence the evil, or there could be the opposite. Ultimately anything infinitely is possible, so I don't stress it.
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  4. u376

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    Let it here
    It's my most successful thread.....with 1000+ views :p
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  5. Superman25

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    He created man with free will, the ability to choose to do what's right. He wanted humans to choose to love him. But many humans have missued their free will, by committing atrocious things. But God would make things right very soon
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  6. Basicallly the ONE and ONLY point every atheist quickly uses trying to call out theists ,making them look stupid and dumb. Talk about God ?Quick bring in the children rape argument to show how bad God is. Like God told the guy to go rape children.Aside of God ,there is free will and the demons too which interfere with stuff.
    Free will is something extremely important ,and God is respecting that.

    There is no point trying to judge his actions and how he governs the WHOLE world, with a simple , restricted human mind though.
    "You are only human" after all..

    But you do you ,you are FREE to think as you want,just let others believe what they want without trying to make them look stupid, 'kay?
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  7. I'm judging your God. I'll stand up and say what he is supposed to have done is wrong, and it disgusts any decent person with the intellect to comprehend it. Even cruel to the evil man himself- who did not have to be brought into existence, to sin and burn.

    Yes, I judge by human standards and terms. If God's terms are different, if he sees our suffering as unimportant in some cosmic scale, his distant apathy condemns him further in my eyes. A sinister apathy not unlike that of our real mistress: pitiless mother nature.

    Unnecessary, savage, evil, despicable, cruel, disgusting God!

    You can sacrifice your first born. I will not. I refuse.

    I anticipate the usual replies- people wielding clever sounding philosophical terms to make logically inconsistent arguments, unconsciously (or perhaps not always so unconsciously) relying on simple attrition- that after a while people get tired of explaining every little thing to them- as a parent worn down by an infant, and so they are the last man standing- and they view that as a victory, and undeniable evidence for their comedically absurd beliefs. Ironically demonstrating the profound fallbility of the human intellect, and thus perhaps lending weight to the argument that we need something like religion to keep the mass of humanity in some kind of order.

    Call me arrogant, call me whatever- all that shit is irrelevant. I'm laying out my thoughts, without patronisingly catering to people's emotions. There are no personal insults here, and there is no ill will. With that, I'm out.

    best wishes
  8. Didnt seem like so in your reply .

    "What a grim way to live your life."

    But yeah. You do you and stop calling people stupid ,indirectly ,as you like to do it.
  9. Actually I will add one thing, a warning from history:

    The holy men come to us humble, sacredly fragile, speaking of love. In England harmless congregations of old women put money in the collection plate to fix the roof. Only later do these holy men bring us the Judas Cradle, the Strappado, the Spanish Donkey, the drowning.
  10. SolitaryScribe

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    Your using a moral argument against God. However if you don't believe there is to be a God then how can you claim raping a child to be morally wrong? on what ground do you make that argument? It's just your opinion

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