What's your most common triggers?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ReInForced_Elk, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris Fapstronaut

    My triggers are all the things that could trigger anyone:
    #Being in public, seeing women all around.
    #Social Media, especially Instagram: If you want to be famous there, just show your boobs and ass.
    #Surfing Google Images: I would surf google images for educational purpose and few minutes later I would find myself on a porn site.
    #Youtube especially Music Videos: Music video now = Twerking, kissing, models, makeups and cursing
    #Advertisements: Most of the advertisements uses women to attract people.
    #Animated Content, Movies and Games: People are so normal about these sexualization of women that I rarely see any movies without any explicity....................Damn this whole world is triggering.
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  2. greenishmoon

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    I never thought about how high speed acting could do that but yes, there can be a correlation to that and impulses like pmo.

    From reading this post I can see many uf us went there when we felt frustrated.

    Oh no man it's called empowering.
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  3. zakmanze

    zakmanze New Fapstronaut

    I completely removed all erotic triggers, but I think the most dangerous among remained is procrastination.
    On the second place is aphrodisiacs: strong tea/coffee, chocolate, honey, nuts, spicy food, etc.
    Third: heightened heat in the room.
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  4. ANewFocus

    ANewFocus Fapstronaut

    Great ones. I feel those.
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  5. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    The Steam community page.

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  6. Being hungover and being extremely tired are my main triggers. It's so obvious that in such moments my brain will be seeking that supernormal stimulus dopamine producing response, but the power of reason always seems to yield to neurochemistry.
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  7. PeterGrip

    PeterGrip Fapstronaut

    Thank you :) and well done on your progress too.
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  8. Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary Fapstronaut

    How did you do?
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  9. RiverBlue

    RiverBlue Fapstronaut

    My top one is avoidance. If there is anything I don't want to do, whether it's stressful or just tedious, I'll procrastinate it. And porn is my number one method of procrastination.

    Second is annoyance. When I'm annoyed with someone - my spouse or someone at work or whoever - I'll turn to porn to modulate my mood. I grew up to suppress any feelings of anger, etc. So I think porn is a way for me to suppress these feelings and avoid acting out.
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  10. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    Meeting apps, or chat apps like kik
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  11. Women on the street, boredom, social networks, influence of friends, negativism, depression, games, let themselves be carried away by the songs
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  12. ANewFocus

    ANewFocus Fapstronaut

    This one is underrated. I blocked this for a while for this reason.
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  13. Advertisement
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  14. |Astartes|

    |Astartes| Fapstronaut

    Wait you can block it in the Steam client? or just the browser?
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  15. ANewFocus

    ANewFocus Fapstronaut

    Blocked it using a porn blocker but it limits what you can do on steam communities but can still play games.
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  16. jaguar18

    jaguar18 Fapstronaut

    A big trigger for me is being on my laptop doing something that I don't particularly like or enjoy, such as writing job applications (who likes that, right?). When I find myself struggling with a part of an application, my brain switches instantly to porn mode, I guess because it knows that it can supplant this feeling of frustration with that instantly gratifying 'hit' which porn gives it.

    Another big trigger is feeling crap about myself. I've always struggled with poor mental health, and sometime that leads me to turn to porn to self-sooth, which leaves me feeling even worse, which leads to more porn-fulled self-soothing and...you know the picture.

    But funnily enough, what I've come to realise recently is that another big trigger for me is actually feeling good about myself. When I am feeling really up and happy, I find that it is so much easier to let my guard down; to think 'ah, just a little bit of porn wont hurt.' But of course, it will hurt. Deep down in my mind, I know that it will be bad for me to look at porn - indeed, that it will actually jeopardise the very feelings of happiness that are leading me to feel like it is ok to look at porn. Yet I still do it.

    This process is one that takes time. 'Re-wiring' your brain takes practise and effort - both physical and emotional!
  17. Upset of my ability to do something great. The feeling of not being respected by my peers and most importantly, that I'm a loser and I deserve to live like this mentality.
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  18. being able to look at P, that's why I have so many blockers and filters
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  19. ReInForced_Elk

    ReInForced_Elk Fapstronaut

    I'm overwhelmed! I appreciate you guys opening up about this stuff. I can share another trigger that I just experienced. Facing a frustrating worry or a novel situation that I'm not used to, that can be a real trigger for me. I think that goes hand in hand with what what jaguar18 mentioned about struggling with a problem of some sort. It's easier to go into escapism rather than dealing with the problem at hand.

    Apart from that I resonate with most of what has been mentioned so far, as it's brought into awareness. Every post in this thread can be immediatly applied as generating awareness of triggers. Oftentimes, we end up in porn due to unconscious processes that's not fully brought into awareness (you recognize: Oh damn! Did I just spend 5 hours watching 40 porn videos!!!). It's like we're sleepwalking, machine-zombies in that kind of state. So we want to stop it and for that we have to be aware and catch ourselves in the act.
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  20. ReInForced_Elk

    ReInForced_Elk Fapstronaut

    I just identified a new trigger: I have a painful left leg due to too much long-distance running. I think it's an inflammation or the beginning of one. After that my guard got REALLY down! It's crazy to observe when the physical body is not in the optimal condition, then the mental guard is also let down. Can be a huge trigger, at least indirectly as the mentality focusses on handling the pain and it sets the stage for escapism.

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