What's your most common triggers?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ReInForced_Elk, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Fraza

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    My triggers are seeing women on the streets, good looking teachers at my school, blonde girls, and some noises too that girls make. I also get triggered when I feel emotionally stressed.
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  2. Slimjimjones

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  3. ReInForced_Elk

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    So, I learned a key lesson regarding triggers in my "phony relapse" (which you can read about in my reboot-log).

    I learned that one has to abstain, in particular, from social media looking at ex-girlfriends and lightly dressed-women, and browsing images of massage parlours. This is the addictive brain trying to find "work-arounds" or something to substitute the porn with. It still boils down to the same: The brain seeks dopamine. And when it doesn't find dopamine spikes in porn, it tries to find it in other ways. But when exposing heavily for triggers, you will eventually relapse. So, to everyone looking at lightly dressed woman on the web browser: You have not relapsed, but be very careful, cause your next relapse might be around the corner. The most important lesson I learned is how important it is to abstain from absolutely all triggers. My goals are to stay clear from BOTH porn and masturbating to images of lightly-dressed woman.

    I'm still proud to announce that I didn't relapse into porn, and haven't watched it since 09.03.2021. So I'm still walking head-high, being more motivated than ever to overcome this crap.

    Stay vigilant, everyone.
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  4. Renew_1990

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    for me its tight yoga pants. Whenever I relapse its usually because of that.
  5. then stop wearing tight yoga pants (jk)
  6. ReInForced_Elk

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    for me its wearing a diaper. Big trigger.

    edit: this was a joke ;p
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  7. Young Kelvin

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    me too. Sometimes I really just want a hug
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  8. ReInForced_Elk

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    I notice that physiological changes are actually big triggers for me. These days I'm struggling heavy with pollen allergies (much heavier than I'm used to). I went for a run yesterday in the forest, and after that... My eyes were all swollen and I felt literally sick. That very easily leads to esapism. So this was a wake-up call, that I need to be aware of what happens during changes in my physiology.

    Anyone else recognize this?
  9. Rehab101

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    Same. Pretty much just top tiel hot and attractive girls. And that made me compare them to my current partner. Sigh.
  10. G1993

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    Wet dreams
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  11. To me the biggest emotional triggers are feeling frustrated, bored or angry at something. Another one is the feeling that I'm missing the new P contents on the sites I used to watch.

    Also, being exposed to sexy videos/pics. I'm avoiding Reddit, Instagram, deleted TikTok and am telling Youtube and Twitch to not show me channels with these images when they show up in my homepage.

    Lastly, being alone at home or bringing my phone to the bathroom. These are a recipe for disaster.
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  12. sam30

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    For me boredom is for me. Not planning out my day of what to do.. need to find a girlfriend really
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