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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by RAWMagic, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. RAWMagic

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    I need accountability and brotherhood, and you do too. Hit me up with a PM if you want to join the group.

    We will be focused on abstaining from Porn, Masturbation. With retention, transmutation sublimation as optional and encouraged additional challenges.

    It's a place to receive support and share your state. Not to complain.

    I encourage you to join if you are seeking additional support in reaching goals higher than yourself, such as living your purpose and giving your gift to the world.
  2. No idea what transmutation sublimation is. And I'd be interested but I don't use the WhatsApp "app". I use another app called "Wickr Me" if you are interested. Only looking for someone that can correspond multiple times throughout the day though.
  3. RAWMagic

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    Thanks for the response.

    Transmutation and sublimation is the process of taking your additional sexual energy from NoFap/Semen Retention and aiming it at higher goals. Such as the higher arts of sexual and spiritual yoga, which can lead to full body orgasms for yourself and your partner, without you ejaculating sperm and losing energy. It can provide the extra torque for goals in your career, mission or purpose, such as being a fighter, athelete, teacher or whatsoever. The additional energy and desire, if circulated skillfully, can drive you to deeper levels of presence and purpose. Essentially, you are building additional power capacity and flow into your life, by circulating sexual energy, rather than discharging it through orgasm.

    I'd be happy to communicate multiple times per day. But I am not up for paying for a messaging app. To me, that's an unnecessary expense. Happy to meet in the middle.

    If not,

    I wish you well.
  4. PhilJay

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    I'm interested
  5. Felix007

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    i'm interested as well
  6. scroll home end

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    Im interested if it is on Kik/Telegram or anything which keeps the phone number private.
    Your group open at all to swiching?
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  7. Whymeohwhy

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    If telegram keeps the number private then I would be interested.
  8. RAWMagic

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    We're sticking to WhatsApp for now.

    Any problems and we'll switch.

    Group is closed for now. Requests to join by DM to myself.

    Strength and courage!
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  9. Hello could you please add me to the group as well? I'm on almost 3 month semen retention streak nofap/nosex. Does the group have a direct link? Thanks

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