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  1. UPDATE (26 May):

    Hey guys!

    Im sorry to say that I am not going to continue creating WhatsApp groups in the future.

    It went on for well over a year, beyond anything I expected. Hundreds of men and many successful stories. What a blessing it was to coordinate such a massive team effort! ))))

    If you are reading these lines, I want to encourage you to never give up on your quest for a better life. I am a man just like you, and I have simply started a WhatsApp group. And so can you. Never give up on your dreams, man!!

    Peace to all! Love this place and people in it.

    UPDATE (20 Nov):

    Hello! The groups are picking up pace again! I think it has to do with the end of the year. Mid-2014 everything was very quiet. Now many are having tough time, probably due to different social-related things connected to Nov-Jan period.

    Anyways, the groups are buzzing! Everyone is welcome!

    UPDATE (12 Sept):

    Hey, guys! I have returned and I am ready to get back to work! [​IMG] Let's get back on our accountability track so we can beat this PMO addiction together!

    UPDATE (04 June):

    A note to everyone: I will be traveling in an area with no Internet coverage for at least a few weeks. Once I am back online, I will write here.

    Meanwhile I encourage you to make contact with each other. If you want my assistance, then be prepared to wait.

    UPDATE (24 May):

    WhatsApp grouping is back on track! The thread was revived about a month ago and now the requests keep coming again. Also I noticed that there are many more other threads created that request WhatsApp accountability. This is very good and it makes me excited to see how so many guys (and girls!) are connecting to become free.

    Everyone who is writing here, asking for a group to join. I encourage you to think clearly about your goals and priorities, about why you want to resist PMO. It really helps you and other group members when each one can share his goals and where he is going.

    UPDATE (25 Mar):

    Apparently the interest in WhatsApp is beginning to die out. I think people who wanted to join,have joined (which was over 150 guys, wow!) and everyone else has other methods of being accountable. Which is great - let everyone do whatever they see as best for themselves.

    I have nine groups which are full to the brim. The other groups are on their own long ago, because the guys are so motivated and positive, and their commitment allowed me to let the groups go and to focus on others who need a little more support.

    Blessings and keep strong!

    UPDATE (06 Mar):

    Hello guys!

    The groups are growing in number. There are 10 groups at the moment with 5 men in each group, and also there are about 10 groups that have already been released to be on their own because all members were active and independent.

    Men are writing from all over the world, which is really encouraging to see. It is great to know that everyone is fighting and so if you are battling PMO, know that there are brothers joining you in this struggle all over the world.

    Also another advantage is that since so many diverse people are taking part, groups are getting formed quickly and are filled with very interesting conversations - apart from discussions about PMO. Sometimes a guy will have to wait a few days to become part of a group. But everyone is positive, open and patient.

    Some guys quit, yeah. Some just die off, others openly confess that this type of accountability is not for them. But success is not determined by quantity here, but rather by quality. Many many guys are telling me that they love this, that groups are helping and that their streaks are getting longer and cleaner. This is why everyone is positive.

    I have written more about some questions of a forum member here.

    Thanks for your feedback and your input. Stay clean and strong!

    UPDATE (29 Jan):

    Hey there!

    The groups are getting more and more. I think there are about 7 now. Plus about 4 groups became totally independent so I exited them to let the guys do their thing and to focus more on newer groups.

    Many men ask me if the groups are religious. My answer is NO. The groups are not there to promote Christianity or any other world view. They are there to focus on helping each other quit PMO. The central value of this is brotherly love and support, which I believe is central to any religion.

    Also when you are considering joining a group, please remember this. Guys who are looking for accountability don't have time for BS. They are there, and on WhatsApp too, because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired with PMO. They want and fight for real change.

    So if you are coming here, all geared up for AP groups, but then just disappear, or keep whining how hard and bad it is - sorry, bro. This place is not for you then. It is totally OK and needed to share how u struggle emotionally and physically - but share it to vent and to get better, not to roll in your self-pity and to try and draw attention to yourself.

    And, finally, if WhatsApp accountability isn't for you and you feel like it's helping you out, then we all respect that. But then also, out of respect, just drop us a final note before you leave. Don't just walk out on your group - it's confusing and discouraging to the fellow fapstronauts.

    Cheers and stay strong and focused, y'all!

    UPDATE (15 Jan):

    Boy, oh boy, have we grown! I didn't even expect this to get so popular ))))))

    Right now we have 8 groups and each one is filled to the brim with 5 guys. [​IMG] We are from all over the world, diverse ethnic groups, beliefs and time zones. Some groups are buzzing all the time! (You know the extraverts hehehe)

    I have written another update about the WhatsApp accountability here.

    See you there, brother!


    Hello, guys!

    I want to start a small (4-5 ppl) accountability group on WhatsApp. The reason why I prefer WhatsApp is because it is quick and portable and you get almost instant feedback.

    I have one accountability partner via WhatsApp. I would like to make a group with 4 or 5 people, so 2-3 more guys are welcome to join. If more want to join, we can consider making two groups, no problem!

    Yes, I am a born-again Christian and I bet the group will be spiritually oriented. If you are not a Christian, but you don't mind spiritual talk, then you are more than welcome too!

    If you do not know whether WhatsApp will work for you, nothing bad will happen if you'd try. I mean, you are desperate, aren't you?

    Send me a message if you are interested, or reply here and I will contact you.
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  2. Hello, I would like to join this group but I do not even know what WhatsApp is. Can you help, please?
  3. steamsteamin

    steamsteamin New Fapstronaut

  4. ChiRhoDah

    ChiRhoDah New Fapstronaut

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Fapstronaut

    I'd join but it seems I can't download it on my ipad :-(
  6. pplexx

    pplexx New Fapstronaut

    Can you invite me please?
  7. This is the original WhatsApp home page:


    If you can't use any of the download files on it, then I don't think there is a way to connect.
  8. Wow, we have about 6 people in our group already! And so many are enquiring! I think we will have to make one or two additonal groups! Praise the Lord!
  9. ldelmar

    ldelmar Fapstronaut

    If there is still a need for people, I'd be interested! Also Christian.
  10. Dumble

    Dumble New Fapstronaut

    I would like to join as well if you still plan on forming two groups. I think I've ignored this problem long enough.
  11. Shunsuke

    Shunsuke New Fapstronaut

    I'm interested. Not christian but totally fine with spiritual talking.
  12. Have sent PM to all of you guys! Keep well! :cool:
  13. LowDownShallow

    LowDownShallow New Fapstronaut

    Am I too late? Interested as well...
  14. LowDownShallow, I have just PM'ed you.

    Guys, the offer still stands. As more of you write, more and more groups are created. It works really well, we have been doing it for a week and a half already! It is very good!

    The only thing you need is.... commitment! If you don't commit, WhatsApp accountability becomes useless... frankly, as any other accountability strategy.

    Keep well!
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  15. jman0742

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    Hey, can I still join? I am also a christian and think some accountabillabrothers would be nice.
  16. jman0742, I just PM'ed you.
  17. zeroproof

    zeroproof Fapstronaut

    Hi! I'm interested. Send me a PM!
  18. OwenDuly

    OwenDuly New Fapstronaut

    I´m totally in. Please PM me.
  19. zeroproof, OwenDuly, replied to you both.

    Good luck and stay clean, guys!

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