When and how to take cold showers? Are they useful?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Nebulousclasher22, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Lately i've been hearing a lot about child showers. I want to try it but not without a complete knowledge about it. Can anyone tell what it's all about and how and when to take them. And how are they beneficial?
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    You will (most likely) never gain a complete knowledge about anything as there will always be different point of views and arguments for and against. I have myself been doing this for a year and it has had very good effect on my health. I tend to take them at least once every day (sometimes twice per day). However, cold-showers/cold-baths are about many things and have at least the following seven benefits:

    -Increased alertness.
    -Refines hair and skin.
    -Improves your immunity and circulation.
    -Stimulates weight-loss.
    -Speeds up muscle-soreness and recovery.
    -Easing of stress.
    -Relieves depression.

    On top of this, they also increase T-levels a little (most likely due to their connection to reason Nr.3 and 6). The info in this link explains shortly why you gain these benefits from cold-showers:

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