When did the urge become most intense?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by thetinman, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. thetinman

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    Being two days in without porn or masturbation, I find the urge to quick step into a private area has become pretty intense. It seems to go in waves, but I have more triggers than I thought. Have folks experienced these cravings to get easier, and if so when?
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  2. BadThoughtAreAllowed

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    I have little experience in this (9 days was my longest streak), but i think the first 3 days are the hardest, if im not wrong it is because there is a thing called Chaser effect, search it up if u can.
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  3. Wazzai

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    My biggest urges start when I stop working. When I get lazy. When I stop using my daily energy for what I know it should be used for.

    IDGAF about this whole nofap thing. I am here because I started with the idea that porn ruined my life. I grew with the idea that I ruined my life and that porn is a by-product.

    When I get working I stop thinking about anything but working. And this is when I am at my happiest.
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  4. Deadpool.420

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    I have went upto 100+ days multiple time and i think my longest streak was 140 days and as i have done this many times i know this one.
    The trick is that you must cope through the first 15 days because they are the toughest as your body takes two weeks for neurochemical disturbance to end. Your body will beg for a release for the first 15 days because you are addicted to dopamine release causes but after that your body starts adjusting itself because its used to receive orgasm externally rather doing its own thing but after that it gets a lot easier and trust me it's worth it. The benefits are much greater than the hardship you might have to face. So avoid anything and everything which might trigger your mind to relapse. I avoid TV for the first 15 - 30 days because a simple kissing would destroy my streak lol
    The intensity will lower and you will notice big morning woods rather a weak one.
    The best thing is to workout, stay busy as possible productively but a maximum of 30 days later you wouldnt even want to fap even if u think because it gets much easier to control..
    I am on day 19 today and i am passing through that horniness peak and its getting lesser and lesser per day.
    In short, it rises to peak the first 15 days and starts lowering after that and you will go back to normal after 1 month.
    Good luck, stay strong and its not impossible at all.
  5. Paradiseisthegoal

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    I am at 5 days now and the urge are becoming more intense. It's like my mind is turning against me, and the confidence and determination I had yesterday is decreasing, and I am running on pure will. Maybe that is the way my body is reacting to the lack of chemicals it's used to getting, idk. I don't want to fail, so I won't. Jehovah sees my struggle and I believe He will help me. We just have to really want it..?
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  6. Ocguy

    Ocguy Fapstronaut

    This thread is completely foreign to me. I would give anything to have intense urges. Obviously none of you are suffering from a lack of libido? It's what you're hoping for with flatline on day 15? Maybe somebody can clarify why youre rebooting?

    It seems to me that sexual energy that gets more intense as the days go by is exactly how the body functions normally.
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  7. I would say the first two weeks are the hardest because the addiction is starting to fade slowly so therefore your body really wants it badly. I have had INSANE urges in the first two weeks. So intense at times, it just shocked me on how intensity the urges can be and how powerful addictions can be. After the first two weeks, my urges finally started to calm down a bit. It gets easier and easier slowly. Once in a while now I get a strong urge that and there, but nothing compared to the first two weeks.
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  8. Struggler_PMO

    Struggler_PMO Fapstronaut

    with me the deal is that the urge is more to watch porn and masturbate rather than actual sex. that is what i am trying to prevent and somehow shift the urge to masturbate to normal sexual behaviour.
  9. Arc12

    Arc12 Fapstronaut

    In the start there are ... have patience and focus on things you want to achieve ... Build good habits ... Exercise/Running will help in this case ...
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  10. Ocguy

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    Hmm. Well if I had your problem I would go on dating sites and set up a profile. Work on my game with women, read , listen, there is tons of material. Try to build up some confidence

    Sometimes the fear of getting out there makes it easier to fall into porn. You know, "the path of least resistance..." just a thought

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