When did your success become obvious?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BrianSteel, May 15, 2018.

  1. BrianSteel

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    Dear nice people of this forum...

    I am not writing in this forum to display my success but rather to ask you about yours!

    I m on day 41 now and feeling pretty down due to the fact that nothing has changed for me. I did not have the energy boost in the first days and not experienced any flatline yet nor any success.
    I read all this beautiful stories in this Success Forum but I always askmyself: When did they started to notice this feelings and how bad was their background of PMO or in other words, how addicted were they.
    I hope someone could reply and give me some insight or comparison on wheter NoFap works for me or how long until the benefits kick in (from the standpoint of your experience of course). I know noone can say for sure and I know I should not be worrying about it, but I am feeling sooooo down right now and some comforting but sincere words would help me go through with this.

    In short my story
    I started masturbating at age of 10, started watching soft porn form age 11-15, hardcore porn 16-19 and very disgusting stuff until I stopped a year ago. Adding to this, I very early started to fap more and more frequently. So I fapped the last years over 6 times a day on average. Never ever leaving one day fapfree. So I was very addiceted, I needed it for the dopamine rush. I forced me to masturbate even though I had no feeling of sexual arrousal, just to get to the peak and feel good.

    If anybody will respond to this --> thank you soo much and please write a little story about your addiction as well.

    Thanks and have a nice streak!
  2. Renato Pollo

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  3. MasterGamer

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    I am commenting just to up this post lol, i also really want to know when people began to see changes.

    This is a very intersting post but i don't understand why nobody answered..

    Between, congrulations for 41 days nofap !
    ( actually i can't answer you because i never personnaly passed 1week nofap sorry)
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  4. pcmaster

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    I started to see changes during first 30 days and it kept improving till like 110 days, then changes were much slower.

    Anyway I think its not just nofap but what you do during your time. For example, I was working and just living active life. Think if you just sit at home all day then you should not notice any changes. Nofap is about free time used in new better ways to improve life. Its about stopping wasting energy and using it in new ways.
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  5. aditay

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    it depends on age a 17 year old will see benefits quickly people who are young after puberty to 20 years old will notice benefits quickly. it will take longer time for pepole who r more then 25 years old they will take more time to see benefits and its also depends on the efforts u r putting in improving urself like yoga meditation etc
  6. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    As someone said - You don't improve by something you don't do. And. Don't expect changes if you don't make a change.

    If you live average activ lifestyle then you should see changes even after stopping PMO for 30 days. But nothing much changes in long run that you notice immediately. What needs doing is do more than what you did when you were fapping. You are what you do not what you don't do.

    You as small as your controlling desire or as big as your dominant aspiration. Perhaps you stop being smaller when doing nofap but you also should be moving forwards your dreams and goals with actions, with active actions not just with passive way of nofap.
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  7. Silver36

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    For me, as a middle school-er. Succes was achieved when i got taken into the basketball team for my energy and the girl who was already commited (I really liked her) came and tickled me for fun.
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  8. Souhail

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    Absolutely , doing Nofap for the sake of Nofap won't change a lot , you should add good habits to replace the old ones you can start by ( working out - meditation - reading ...)
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  9. Arms.R.heavy

    Arms.R.heavy Fapstronaut

    Maybe it will just take a bit longer depending on how severe the addiction was.
    But believe me I have seen the benefits they talk about here: the great memory, the boost in confidence, eye contact, alertness, enjoying the smallest things that you didn't use to notice...
    My longest streak was 54 days.
    But Remember you're not doing Nofap for the superpowers , you're doing Nofap because it will destroy your life if you don't.
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  10. truthseeker17

    truthseeker17 Fapstronaut

    I didn't count the days. For me it started to matter when I was certain that I wouldn't do it anymore. This was after I digged myself in exploring my spiritual side. Even now I am not impressed by the number of days.. I enjoy feeling peace, comfort and tranquality inside my heart.
  11. Reborn16

    Reborn16 Fapstronaut

    I got to 47 days (I'm about to reset & report), but I felt successful most days. It wasn't about a destination but the journey, each day.

    I slipped up because of texting and rejection, now back to day 0. Again on this streak I will look upon each day as a success, but the true test (for me personally) will be dating or just texting girls without letting normal emotions like doubt or rejection get to me. Just experience them and let them pass.

    I started watching porn same age so about 18 years now. I guess it's been about two years since I realised 'I have a problem'.

    For what it's worth, in my last streak I was positive for a few days then flat line for a few, and most of it was flat line! But life in general was more stable, engaging and rewarding, and that's worth it alone!

    Hope this helps some. Real recovery in my opinion is when the issues that normally tempt us back, no longer do. And success is as close as choosing to do the right thing today. Cheers
  12. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    That's quite small streaks. Describe your perfect nofap day(a day when its easiest not to fap) and average day of your life.

    Also, change that username or create new account cause you become what you read about yourself. Write down on paper 10 good qualities that you want to have or have to some degree. Like positive, smart, confident, friendly. And read it every day after waking up, during day and before sleep to yourself. After few weeks you become what you are reading about yourself.
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  13. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Yes man I became Pcmaster after my name. Started to be interested in PC hardware before nickname but I stayed Pcmaster for 14 years. MasterOfPC. Last time looked at PC hardware today and I know latest greatest bang for the buck CPU(AMD 2200G since it have a lot of power and great integrated graphics- Vega 8, even better than Intel UHD).

    Anyway I see big weakness in your routine. A black hole that holds you back from bigger streaks. - Gaiming. Cut it off complety if you are serious about your streaks. Cause you escape reality a lot and live in other side of the screen and gaming is worse from all that - It steals clarity of your mind so making it harder to make good decisions. TV is pretty bad too but not so bad as gaming. Also Music can make you weaker if you listen to love songs. So better try not to listen any songs about love for first months of your streak. Replace, that with long walks(walks transforms your sexual energy and greatly reduces urges) - few hour walks and riding a bicycle. Also cold showers will help big time if you take them at least 2 days a day - in moorning after waking up and before sleep. Cold showers alone will reduce a lot of urges.

    I know this because this is my second nofap streak. before that had my first nofap streak that was 345 days.
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  14. Soberhopeful

    Soberhopeful Fapstronaut

    A quick note of encouragement:
    My worst day abstaining FROM PMO is better than my best day IN PMO.
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  15. Arms.R.heavy

    Arms.R.heavy Fapstronaut

    @pcmaster you abviously care about others to take the time to give valuable advice to fellow warriors.
    I agree with you 100%.
    @Wanker93 A negative username will affect your subconscious.
    Also binge gaming is what messed up my longest streak of 54days.
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  16. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Well, top GPU and top CPU is far from best bang for the buck. I figured that if you buy the best bang for the buck stuff every 2 years or so then after 4 years or so you have more powerful rig than if you bought just best since the beginning for the same money.

    Anyway, I understand your gaming but the problem here is that you have too much spare time. Pick up a hobby like sports or something useful that brings you emotions or satisfaction. Perhaps enroll in courses to lift up your qualification at work or start studying something completely new.

    A life coach or mentor could do a lot for you to show you direction.

    I quit smoking too. When I was 11 years old. Was about light up a cigarette when a girl took out cigarette pack out of my hands and trowed it out of the window saying - What are you doing?!
    I went down took cigarettes, went back up to a girl and shredded cigarettes into pieces, letting tobacco fly with the wind. Since then haven't smoked too.

    With PMO - wasn't that addicted to it when I quit but had urges and wanted to watch porn often. Before I found nofap I had 2 weeks clean but before that I could sometimes M 3 times a day or every day - go on the binge. Could do weeks and months without PMO but then return with extra frenzy and do it a lot. Also, quit after one day after returning home from work wanted to M but understood that I'm too tired to M. Then understood that it's gone too far and I need to stop. Wanted to stop since early teens but just couldn't kick it.

    When visiting nofap for the first times I wanted to find the idea about nofap, the essence of nofap, what it's all about. In case you didn't Know topic did for me pointing out what is this addiction and why one should stop - Enemy is here to kill, steal and destroy.-
  17. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Don't joke about these things. We are serious here. Start to respect yourself more. Even if it is just a nickname.

    Gaming can mess streak. like I mentioned before. After you game your mind is not so clear anymore. With that, you decisions are affected. Guys with hundreds days of streak do look carefully what goes into their minds. Keeping mind clear and clean is success key for a long streak. Cause everything starts with a thought.

    Gaming adds to PC time and while sitting urges goes up, especially if you sit at PC. When you are just a click away from porn for prolonged periods of time then you increase your risk dramatically. All it takes a little boredom or loneliness to relapse.

    How seriously you take this is mirroring your streak. If you want those 90-500 days or lifetime free then you have to take this to a whole new level.
  18. Stainlesssteeler

    Stainlesssteeler New Fapstronaut

    I would like to share something I have read lately , in some amazing books ,like (awaken the giant within ), that improvement must be constantly happening slowly and rapidly , and we don't need to wait for a time when everything is solved ,the best thing to do is to focus on other motivating stuff like sport or social activity or anything we love ,and forget about the bad habit and it will be vanish day after day , eventually there will be a day when we wake up and feel that we are over it , better not to wait for it, it will surprise is by itself ,
    That is something small i wanted to share , good luck to you and all of us ....
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  19. chibibanana

    chibibanana Fapstronaut

    I actually never got passed 3 weeks in a single streak but there were times where I PMOed once couple of weeks in avarege and without bingeing.
    Then it started to feel like the improvements were slower or nonexistant and harm of PMO felt more mild. These caused me to get cocky and start taking Nofap less serious.
    But when I dropped Nofap and returned to old PMO habits, I sadly realised that there were improvements, but since I got used to them, I forgot that I gained those with Nofap. I didn't realise the improvements until I lost them.
    What I am saying is, sometimes the changes are slow and you get used to them as you get them. You forgot how bad you were before, until you return to bad habits again. Do not return to old bad habbits, the benefits are real.
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  20. Soberhopeful

    Soberhopeful Fapstronaut

    One of the many side effects of PMO is that we have a permanent for getter. We think things weren't that bad, then once we go back to PMO, we realized how bad they really were.

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