When do the urges fade out in the 90 day cycle?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by klikker, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. monkotto

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    IGY - i mean a healing like you never watched porn in your life.

    like you are the guy before this addiction - a porn-virgin! :rolleyes:

    there is too much stuff stored in our brains. i think only several years can heal this raped brain.
  2. IGY

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    I do see the logic of your view bro, but my own is not so bleak. I guess we could compare notes after 5 years! :p
  3. monkotto

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    deal! :cool:
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    Thanks, guys, for this thread. I am also wondering about the question "Will that ever become easier?". It seems, however, as I am approaching 90 without P, that the answer is "yes". I don't expect this to be easy but at least it's not the hell it was.
  5. CommittedtothePath

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    Right now sitting here 5 days in. This is when the urges start to get strongest for me and I havent ever got past this point with no MO. Ive managed to stay away from PMO but not MO because of this phase which I havent yet built the capacity to sit through.

    What starts happening to me now is that I start feeling real physical sexual tension, as a withdrawal symptom. My prostate gets swollen (i think) and I start to feel this itching/hot/arousing/stimulating sensation deep in the prostatic region. It sometimes pulsates. Then I start to get visualisations and urges to start to masturbate or (rarely now) watch pornography. Some say it is normal to just "release" this sexual tension but I know that it is a myth because it itself is a withdrawal symptom from years of pornography in a regular 5-6 day cycle of relapse then abstinence. I try and use the 3 second rule to get rid of this, by shifting focus away from sexual thoughts whenever they arise. The physical sensation comes and goes, but eventually will disappear.

    I imagine after it disappears it will return again once a week due to the inbuilt cycle for a while, until after which it will not come back for a long time, based on other people I have talked to who have gotten withdrawal symptoms. This of course is talking about the intense urges and symptoms of withdrawal. As for triggers and slight thoughts or urges that come and go, they will probably always be their unless you completely rewire your sexuality to a real life relationship (easier said than done) through a lot of work in building that relationshp and creating an arousal template that dominates or even eradicates the previous one centred around porngraphy and masturbation.
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    If you can go 90 days without orgasm of any kind the urges will subside. I believe once you have this addiction though if you don't become celibate it will come back as I believe brain is addicted to orgasm not porn. Wet dreams make 90 days orgasm free very difficult hence fasting and caloric restriction are necessary. This is by far the toughest addiction in human nature

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