When Does Mood Even Out?

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  1. Hello,

    I have been at this for a couple weeks now. I have been very angry, especially in the past couple days. When will this even out? When will I feel happy again? When will I stop being grouchy and mad at those around me?
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    Around 90 days a nice balance should be reached, but one should not view this as being "cured". If you can tough it out for 2 and a half more months, you should find a place of balance and be content whether life is happy or sad. No one is happy all the time, so I would aim for finding balance emotionally.

    Edit: I am at 3 weeks and my anger and grouchiness are subsiding greatly now.
  3. I understand that. I just know that I'm much more angry and annoyed at everything, especially smaller things. I see this as my obstacle to face right now.

    Okay. Good. That gives me something to hopefully look forward to. Thank you.
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    I'm at almost a month hard mode, and I'm starting to feel much better. I think another week, and you'll start to feel better. The area of 1-3 weeks in isn't very pleasant!
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  5. Okay. I'm actually aiming for 30 days right now. I hope I feel much better. Thank you
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