When, if at all, is it OK to go back to fapping?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Kai101, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Hey all. This is something I have been wondering about since the beginning of my nofap journey. Is it OK to go back to masturbating? There is a saying which is very true on life and that is "everything in moderation". So I am wondering, if a couple months or years down the line, can I go back to masturbating WITHOUT porn, and just do it a couple of times a week? I have been noticing that I have been getting blue balls everyday, regardless of whether I fantasize or not. This has me worried about any negative effects of nofap, and whether I am putting myself at risk for future implications regarding my sexual health. I was just wondering and want some advice/opinions on this subject. Thanks.
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    Wouldn't recommend going back to M at all. You can have a full relapse and start watching porn again .
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    "negative effects of nofap"? Seriously?

    In case you haven't noticed, four-legged creatures are roaming the planet and up until now haven't complained about not being able to masturbate.
    God gifted us humans with these magnificent things called hands. Do you really think masturbation is natural at all?

    Real procreation, the kind that produces babies, real human sex, is natural. Masturbation is just a cheap cheat, capable of destroying your soul.

    I think the whole purpose of Nofap is to realize just this. There's another way of living that is far more natural, fulfilling, healthy and respectable. If you can't have real sex, you'll need to find other ways to happiness (instead of pleasure). These ways of living will always be more fulfilling. There's so much things you can do that will really make you happy. Masturbation is just temporary pleasure that always leads to frustration. Sex is actually a sacred thing, since life itself depends on it. Wasting semen for the heck of it serves no man. Eventually it only leads to depression and addiction. Once becomes twice, you get the idea... It's hard to control yourself when you first discover something so pleasurable, and you need to have a really strong, almost superhuman will if you plan on moderating this habit.

    Please realize that once you had and addiction to pmo, you'll always be very vulnerable to falling back into this habit. The fact you're even asking this should make you think. You know how addictive p, m and o can be. One quickly leads to the other.

    If you're tempted to pmo, just think about how people used to live, in the Stone Age, for instance. They didn't have any porn and probably didn't ever waste their strenght on masturbation. They, six-pack warriors, could use all of their strenght escaping whatever beast looking for its next meal. I'm sure they had plenty of real sex, which is why your brain is very easily seduced by this natural reward in the first place. The only problem with porn and masturbation is that in a sense, it's not real. It's an artificial way of simulating real sex, a corruption of this sacred, life-giving thing. In your own mind, when you masturbate, you're probably having sex with someone else, while in reality you're just having sex with yourself. Think about this. It's an escape into fantasy, while in reality you're having sex with the most precious tool on planet Earth: your own hand, which was definitely not designed to have sex with. This self-pleasuring ultimately leads to a shift in your energy, making you introverted, depressed and ashamed.

    I'll repeat the question... What negative effects?
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    some people use the once in 7 days approach - when t levels spike. some report being able to retain superpowers if there is a 7 day cool down in between O's
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    Stupid is as stupid does did you actually ask a question that can I go back to flapping?
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    Well, the act of touching one's own reproductive organs to produce pleasure without the intent of reproducing is a subject matter that is very controversial.

    The word "masturbation" in case you didn't know comes from the latin "to pollute with the hand". So, next time you ask if you can "masturbate", realize that you are really asking if you can "pollute yourself with your hand". You are playing into the belief that this act will pollute you which has been going on forever.

    So really what you want to know is if you can "self-pleasure" because you don't want to "pollute yourself with your hand".

    I think if we were taught a healthier relationship with "self-pleasure" from an early age it would not manifest as addictive behavior. However, since it is tabooed and shunned, and not oppenly talked about it manifests as addictive behavior.

    I think many young children go through a phase where they run around touching their genitals all over the house. Eventually some parents use harsh tactics to prevent this. This is where the negative programming around it comes in, and why it manifests as addictions later, I think. In homes where the kids are treated lovingly and allowed to go through this phase normally, I think there will be less chance of addictive or compulsive behavior.

    I think that my goal will be to find a GF and have an active sex life with her, and not need to "self pleasure" because I will be able to share that with her.

    r/pornfree talks about mindful self-pleasure (I think they still mistakenly use the M word without realizing its meaning) without the use of P. Done in an intentional way. i explored this option reading stuff about Tantra and watching Charles Muir lectures, etc. I found that it still led to a feeling of life being unmanageable, and I kept edging for hours. So since the beginning of this streak I haven't done it at all. For me to try it again would be a risk because it has led me to full PMO relapses before where I was truly self-harming.

    I think a big issue with touching one's own genitals is a permission issue that can distract me from the addiction issue. When I look at it from a perspective of, "It's my body! I should be able to touch it however I want! Who is stopping me? Not some religious figure. Not my parents. I can do it!" Then I will rebel against that and do it. But when I remember that I have experienced this behavior becoming an addiction, it removes the rebellion-element to my desire to "touch my genitals" and makes me think more about what actually happens. The sad thing is, again, I think the addiction arises from a lack of healthy permissions in child hood, but its kind of too late.
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    The fact that you're asking this question makes me think you believe the fapping is somehow a necessity in life.
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    You don’t take NoFap seriously and you’ll relapse if you don’t change, guaranteed.
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    "and just do it a couple of times a week?" - NO. You will only drain yourself out of energy.

    But as a man it's natural to have a release once in 30 days. If you don't have any other options in that moment then masturbation without porn is ok.
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