When is the best time to start NOFAP?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by nsfyou2, Jan 10, 2017.

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    QUESTION: Is it when you've binged and eventually exhausted yourself of it, or is it when you're at the verge of giving in to an urge that you turn to abstinence/nofap?

    Not sure if you all regard both circumstances the same, but I definitely don't. Relapsed twice since the start of this year, but I noticed that the first streak was after exhausting myself (which was easier), and the second streak (which i am still on) initiated when the urge was much more intense, hence much more difficult to keep.
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    In my opinion You are the best judge of this, ask yourself that is this the question that's need to be answered or this question truly exist ?, THIS QUESTION MUST NOT ARISE. I would suggest that you start it from NOW only, relaspe will be there me also relasped you can read my story regard relasping here (https://www.NoFap.com/forum/index.php?threads/stucked-and-confused-help-needed.85109/). But I would suggest that don't get to that point of EXHAUSTION, because many people who gets to that point of EXHAUSTION later repent that they shouldn't have gone there, so don't place yourself there. Research are pointing out how porn and fapping simulatneously is ruining our life you can search anywhere around the web, me myself use to believe that porn is not harming me but later found its harming me in other way. I have ruined my career hrough indecission, fickle mindness and various other things, I started NoFap to challenge myself to do a concrete thing, to do something solid, to prove myslef I can do something meaningful and believe me Porn and Fapping is not something meaningful, to see that me myself can take a decission and stick to it, in this way it started. Truly this NoFap will not only help in porn addiction but it will help you to reform yourself as a human being . So don't think about the time just start it, common LETS PUT OUR HANDS TO SOME DIFFERENT USE NOW, like lending it to others when they are in need, maybe something silly, etc.

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    The best time was x years ago, the second best time is now. Don't delay improvement!
  5. This, absolutely this.

    Don't waste time on questions like this, pardon me if I'm misjudging but reading your post it seems like your mind might be trying to justify another reset to you, so you can "start afresh". That's just another form of urge, and one of the tricks your mind will play on you.

    While the first day or two might be a little easier if you just masturbated since prolactin spikes lower your libido and reduce your urges - once you get past that point, the urges will return, and they'll be stronger each time you reset. That's why it can be so easy to fall into binges after a reset, because with each time you give in to PMO, it's harder to get back on track and start a streak again.

    It might seem harder starting if it's been a while since you jerked off and you have urges that you haven't given in to - but that's just an illusion. It's actually easier, it's just that you're dealing with the urges right from the start rather than having them come delayed but stronger a few days later. So beat the urges now, and you'll do well.
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    The first best time was yesterday , the second best time is now!
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    Yesterday and today. I know others have said it, but there you go. Smash Mouth said it best.

    "So don't delay, act now!"
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    To me atleast, I just feel that it would be much more easier to abstain after binging (or exhausting) because when the urges come back after a while, you'll know that just before it you already have a few days in that streak. Hence you'll feel more rewarded.

    But yeah, I do understand that everyone feels the strength to nofap differently. Just wondered if anyone thought like me.
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    The two paths eventually meet, so I wouldn't deliberate too much. When I do that, deep down I get the sense that I'm making a deal with the enemy. Any loopholes I catch myself inserting into the contract I have made with myself end up becoming tripwires for future demise. Not necessarily saying that is what you're doing, but this is a mental game. A major part of the battle occurs between a thought to another thought to eventually initiating an action. Break the loop in as many manifestations as possible.

    If I had to pick, I would say the hard one is better. Just that act alone of choosing to say no and go into the fight immediately will make you stronger whether you can feel it or not. Saying no to the impulse is always a good thing. Even if it's not fun, I have never regretted any refusal of it. The more times you complete that circuit in your decision-maker, the more it will become a part of you. To be honest, that thought of "OK, yeah this is really not fun" needs to be reinterpreted every time as a signal that you are winning. It's enemy propaganda.

    If you say no to a temptation, you're saying yes to strength.

    The post-binge rally might initially be easier to rack up a few days or more to whatever sticking point might be there, but I have found it to be kind of insidious. It just sneaks up on you, slowly slightly worse than the previous day, until the straw that breaks the camel's back (or in my case, the mangy donkey). To my mind, it reinforces the binge process, the "get it out of my system" backslide. If you make a mistake, say no to Mr. Chaser. Just get through today, distract yourself w/ a things to do list, break the pattern. Break the enemy. Today is possible. Tomorrow is possible. 50 days from now it is still possible. Eventually it will get more manageable.
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    The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to start. If you have excuses not to start now, you'll have excuses tomorrow, or next week, or whenever. However, the best time to start is right now, this minute. Why? Because that's the point at which you'll be spending the most time on it, and that's the key to getting the most out of it. If you want to do something, sooner or later you're going to have to confront all the reasons in your head that stopped you from doing it before. Putting things off never makes them any easier.
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    The best time is as soon as your ready ......... and that time is NOW !
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