When life becomes the new normal!

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    So, 30 days... Feels like a long time.
    I’ve had the best time on this community, and all that support and motivation is the reason I’m here.
    Things may not always go your way when you’re in this seemingly endless battle against pmo, but, lemme remind y’all, as Napoleon Hill rightly said: “Take control of your mind before it controls you”. Well, I feel this is apt for all of us, considering the fact that all of us have embarked on this great journey of getting back control of our lives. Tough it may seem on the outside, but the real satisfaction that you obtain after you achieve your prescribed goal, is beyond what pmo or any addiction can offer.
    Obviously, life during NoFap, is supposed to be normal. Like normal-normal. Where you don’t use pmo as a tool to relieve yourself from the pace of the world, or to feel better after you’ve miserably failed that test you didn’t study for. We learn to accept life the way it is. Yes, it is like a sinusoidal wave, or at the extremes could even be similar to a tangent graph! But, whatever the situation might be, we, as humans learn to use our brains, something that we’ve all got, that’s a million times more advanced than that screen that you stare at when you pmo.
    So stay strong guys, the grass might after all be greener on the other side! So stick with me as we march on towards victory!
    I could either watch it happen, or be a part of it”
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    Excellent post. Thanks!
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    (Silent applause)
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  5. Strong statement, you could either be a part of life or watch it happen.

    Well done on your journey thus far. I wish you all the best. I have now gone past the worst of the symptoms.

    I feel free of anxiety, although it occasionally hits me,its no longer a constant. Neither do I have sex on the mind all the time. I am living life as it should be lived.

    Give yourself a pat on the back and continue going.
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