When will these urges end???

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  1. Today I’ve been home by myself, feeling pretty bad with no energy or motivation to do anything, and I had the worst urges. It’s unbearable. I’m walking around with a tree trunk in my pants. When will this get easier? There’s still fight in me, and I’m not ready to give up, but the insta thots are making this super hard. ( already deleted Instagram temporarily)

    Day30? 90? Ever?
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    Not sure if they do, but if not then the least you gotta do is control them.

    Abandon all technology for a day or so and see if that helps
  3. Will do. I’ve spent way too much time on it. Hoping meditation helps with it
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  4. A solid 30 minute meditation does wonders.
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    The worse urges are in the first 30 days. It will get easier. Remember having urges is natural. Just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to act on it. For me avoiding alcohol and getting out of bed as soon as I wake helps reduce urges and temptations. I would also recommend meditating. I am at 101 days with no PMO and I still have times with strong urges. I think the fact that I don’t want to go back to 0 is a strong motivation. The temptations to act out are always there. I do plan to start having sex with my wife again soon. Stopping myself from objectifying attractive women I see is still a big challenge for me. I was just at a beach resort for a week and lots of temptations came up with attractive women walking around in bikinis. Also I was out of normal routine of meditating. I also had drinks most days. Still have lots of work to do in trying to change my mindset in how I see women.
  6. Meditation is key. It’s the only reason I’m as far as I am. Thanks for the reply man, really useful
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  7. Meditation is key. It’s the only reason I’m as far as I am. Thanks for the reply man, really useful
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    I second the point that the urges are strongest in the first 30 days. Your body is adopting to a new rhythm.

    Mine did. After that, I started having nocturnal emissions once every 2-4 weeks, and the urges subsided (I had one relapse since early March). My wife was very pregnant and now we have two kids, so sex is rare. Perhaps, when it is regular, emissions will end.

    You also have to take into account your age. Your sex drive at 17 is not the same as mine at 35. It’s easy for us over 30s to pontificate. At 17, I could see through walls if I knew a short skirt was around the corner.

    I suspect that focussing on eliminating porn should be a priority. If you M once in a while, focus on not returning to P. Ultimately, your biggest victory is in not seeing women as objects. Good luck!
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    I should probably add that M should not replace pleasures and reassurances you can find elsewhere. Do not M if you are anxious, bored, sad, or feeling vulnerable.
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    Get busy in your life mate.. use your new found energy to drive a project or chase a dream...play the shit outta your PRS.. have a goal and start focusing on that over even thinking about PMO.
    Meditations great.. and don’t be too hard on yourself.. like someone mentioned before you’re young it’s a different ball game.. I don’t know what the general consensus is around here but my thoughts would be just do your best to stay the hell away from porn.. realise it’s a trap at your age and it will pay off in the rest of your life, especially if you can focus your sexual energy and PMO time wasting into a goal of some kind.

    I’m on 60+ days atm and had a shit day today, I’m not sure they’ll ever end completely.

    Man you’re full of testosterone and surrounded by box everywhere you look.. if you have to masturbate it isn’t the end of the world just don’t let it run you.. (especially if it’s the difference between watching porn or not).. just set limits and get so busy with your real life.. you haven’t got the time for PMO or even thinking about it.
    That’s my thoughts.. ✌️
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    Well, I'm on day 10, and it started getting easier on day 9. The day before I was going crazy and didn't think I could stand it. But then yesterday I didn't feel that way. I was horny but it wasn't unpleasant, more a good feeling. And I had so much more energy! This morning I started thinking about sex and got hard and felt the urge to reach down there, but it wasn't horrible and just went away. So I'm hoping that that lasts but I'm gaining more confidence that I can stick with it until I really lose the urge which I understand can happen as early as two weeks out. I started with a chastity cage and it got me through the worst moments when I know I would have given in, but if I'm OK for the next few days I'm going to take it off because as I am now I don't need it.

    One thing I'm coming to understand and that is helping a lot is how important it is to keep myself occupied, because I wasn't looking at porn but the moment I started thinking about sex my horniness would soar. It seems that there's a learning experience and you get better at it as the days go on.

    Another thing is that I was really skeptical about the positive effects *but I don't want to go back.* When I do ultimately go back (I don't plan to spend my life without sex), it's going to be without porn because that just makes you masturbate all the time and I didn't realize that because I've been using it all my life, even when my girlfriend didn't let me.
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  12. Legend. This is super helpful
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