When you can't sleep, mind comes up with Fantasies

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by SandsOfTime, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. SandsOfTime

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    A dozen random thoughts spilled out in my brain right before going to bed. So I goto bed when I really want to sleep. But I'm afraid about those fantasies. A very small fantasy is also enough to drag me to somewhere else.

    What kind of thoughts or fantasies you came across? How you defence them? Curious to know your strategies.
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  2. ScroogeMcDuck

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    I don't MO to fantasy but it can lead me to porn.. So I make sure there is none. No phone etc by the bed.
  3. SandsOfTime

    SandsOfTime Fapstronaut

    It doesn't matter my mobile is near or not.
    Sometime my brain imagine any random girl and start fantasizing..i used to distract those filthy thoughts but those powerful urges makes me imagine and then it leads me to watch porn/do masturbation.
  4. I understand in fact yesterday night i stop fantasizing.
    First you have to remember you will die one day and this sin will lead you to Nar (jahannum) nark etc.
    Imagine you are in ur grave with hell fire and then all your fantasy goes away.
    Befire go to bed see motivational video or listen SURAH SAJDA in best voice it is best for you.
    Last thing dont give up one day we will win, just think about any other thing.
    After 5 days today i resist my fantisy thought easier than before.
    Take some time and fight back
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  5. Or you can msg me at night or anytime
  6. SandsOfTime

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    So kind. Thank you so much
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  7. Sybok

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    for me, because I am usually a bad sleeper, I always tried to create a sexual half-dream ... or when I went back to sleep, I 'prayed' for a sexdream.

    Nowadays, I 'virtually' roll my eyes like a parent looking towards his child and saying: "Oh really? You should either stop that or work towards your writing project, you know, the one where you have problems with...'
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