When you lie to yourself

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  1. Interesting quote I saw on twitter today. Take it how you like everyone:

    "Every time you lie to yourself to feel better about your situation - you make yourself a little weaker. Be brutally honest with yourself, deal in reality, and you will not only become stronger, but also more resilient."
  2. Honesty to oneself is probably the hardest thing to achieve. Our mental projections and ego drive us to lie to ourselves and to others. By hurting others, we hurt ourselves.
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  3. Great quote! It brings to mind the idea that when you lie to yourself you are proving to yourself that you cannot be trusted, which makes it more difficult to trust yourself in the future. So NoFap isn't JUST about cutting porn out of your life, it's about rebuilding your trust and faith in yourself. When you trust yourself, you can make commitments and you know that you'll keep them.

    It's funny, but PMO is a very secretive and isolating thing. You end up lying not only to yourself, but to people you love and respect. And you end up feeling bad about lying to them as well, which sends you deeper and deeper into the hole and makes you feel even worse about yourself.
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    Very insightful topic gentlemen all the best to you.

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