Where is your nickname from?

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  1. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    I'm really curious about your journey to Christianity! mind if you can share your experience? you can message me privately if you'd like
  2. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    My nick name comes from who I think God is... In the bible it says that in the beginning was the Word, God had created everything through a word... He's an author... He is the only one who created everything, He created everything in solitude. He's a solitary scribe.
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  3. bike-wrench

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    I just presumed yours was 1265 in Roman numerals, backwards. I've been trying (although not very diligently) to discover the significance of 1265 or 5621.

    As for mine: I love bicycles; I've built two from parts (including building the wheels); I do most of the meatball mechanics when fellow club members break down on club rides, I volunteer at an exchange where we rehab donated bikes and sell 'em cheap; and I've taught bike maintenance classes. You got one that needs a tune-up?
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  4. Vez84

    Vez84 New Fapstronaut

    My full name Parvez, born in 84..people always found it easier to call me vez..so vez84.
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  5. UruR

    UruR Guest

    "UruR" is basically a variation of the rune Uruz.
    Uruz means inner strenght, wisdom, self-determination, health, courage, sexual potency. So I thought it might be fitting.
    UruR is also a powerful song by Wardruna.
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  6. 3rdEye

    3rdEye Fapstronaut

    My name is a reference to the Pineal Gland or the third eye is a mystical concept of a invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.
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  7. VicLife

    VicLife Fapstronaut

    Just my name and surname :) (yes, Life it's a surname)
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  8. My name is Rhys (said the same as the name Reece) and I'm a fan of anything space related and I'm a bit weird so I got the "from space" part because it seems I'm not from this world. Now that I've explained it, doesn't sound as cool as I hoped:emoji_joy:
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  9. Runtilmylegsdropoff

    Runtilmylegsdropoff Fapstronaut

    About three years ago I got serious about breaking three hours in the full marathon. Hence my name.
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  10. I picked my name because I think the word beast best describes the addict in me; a reminder that just because the beast is asleep doesn't mean it's gone. I also use it as a reminder that having a beast inside of me isn't necessarily a bad thing. If properly harnessed, it can be used to achieve greatness.
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  11. Sardonic

    Sardonic Fapstronaut

    My very ambitious best friend decided to start a YouTube channel, mainly just for us to record lets plays and have a laugh. We renamed it to a more suitable, jointly chosen name: Sardonic Network and I've used that word off-and-on various sites ever since.
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  12. Roy G. Biv

    Roy G. Biv Fapstronaut

    In seventh grade, my science teacher gave us an acronym for remembering the colors of the rainbow:


    Why the hell Mr. M thought VIBGYOR would be an effective mnemonic, I don't know. Much easier to remember is its converse, ROYGBIV, since it sounds like a name.

    Somehow everyone else I know learned ROYGBIV. I must have had the one science teacher in the world who favored the ungainly VIBGYOR.

    Though now that I think of it: The Ungainly Vibgyor sounds cool, like some kind of clumsy giant...is it too late to change my name?
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  13. DarkwingDuck

    DarkwingDuck Fapstronaut

    I’ll post but the reference should be obvious.
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  14. The Peace Warrior

    The Peace Warrior Fapstronaut

    I choose my name ‘The Peace Warrior’ because I live alone over 4 years & have no desire to live with anyone.
    So I find it peace with myself but at the same time I fight with myself/mind so ‘warrior’ is the perfect word.
    You can see there is a bright side & dark side in my Avatar.

    That’s how I choose to be The Peace Warrior.
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  15. Some people call me "Rob" short for "Robbin." But a real nickname some people call me is "Match" bc I smoke alot of weed. But I temporarily quit for a while, about a week ago, so doesn't really apply.

    I don't like "Rob" btw, most generic name
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  16. But I chose "wethebest" bc we are the best
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  17. Dhampyr

    Dhampyr Fapstronaut

    ... as I explained on my info, my nick derives from an old D&D character I played years ago. The dampyr is a mythological creature, a half-vampyre, created when a lord vampyre bites a pregnant woman (vampyres is the only myth able to make me upset). Dhampyrs are natural undead-hunters, but their dark origin makes them being disliked and abominated by everyone, themselves included, and I liked this idea of self-disgust ...
  18. This is probably obvious, but my name comes from a combination of Rey from Star Wars 7 and 8 and fapstronaut.
    I chose Rey because she starts off in episode 7 as a nobody. She is collecting trash and selling it to live. Then she becomes somebody. I want to go from collecting the Trash of PMO to using the Force (my willpower and God) to be a better person.
    I draw a lot of inspiration from her.
  19. Ununseptium

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  20. Dhampyr

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