Where my furry PMO addicts at?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by TheNewDawn106, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. TheNewDawn106

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    So I thought I would take the time to address a specific part of my PMO addiction and see if there's anyone else out there that shared my taste...

    ...furry P.

    There I said it! I have no shame or guilt in admitting I "pawed" off to copious amounts of furry porn. Gay, straight, bi, didn't matter. The art was hot and I found it so much more arousing than human porn (I HATE all the phony grunts and ridiculous noises Pstars make in their videos...)

    So yeah fur p was my go to for the last 8 years. Discovered it at 14 while I was surfing some animated websites...then it just struck a chord with me. Maybe it's the Disney lover in me, but damn after that I couldn't look at Robin Hood the same! Soon, all of my favorite childhood heroes were depicted in some very raunchy erotica. Exceptionally drawn erotica, but nonetheless...

    ...I think part of my reason I was so addicted to it was because I told myself it wasn't porn. It's art. It's not real...but it was. And I was so deep in that shit. I even had a Tumblr P page with like 900 followers where I'd spend all day role playing with other online users and posting yiff all day. I was actually starting to give up on P before I discovered furry yiff. Then I fell deeper down the rabbit hole (pun intended) than ever before.

    Now this is no disrespect to the clean furry community. The clean fursuiters I've met at conventions are super chill and great at parties! But there's always those that have to ruin the fandom for everyone...


    Anyway, if you're a furry PMO addict and you read this, know that I got your back! If you're not and you judge all furries because of yiff, then I please advise you to leave em alone. We're all weird in this wacky world, and there's plenty more need to spread positivity to one another than negativity.

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  2. TrappedInTorment

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    Hello. I hope you are still around.

    I have the same thing. In fact, furries started my porn addiction and HOCD in the first place! I'm only a few days into NoFap (the really strong urges have not hit yet), but starting to get the creeping need because the monthly chapter of my most prized gay furry porn comic is out. Any tips for overcoming this particular addiction? I'm right here with you.
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  3. There was a post from a furry a couple of days ago in the porn addiction section. I had heard of furries before but I wasnt too educated on the culture, so i did some research and I was kind of shocked. He said hes been jerking to furry porn for so long he is no longer attracted to humans period.
  4. Ardunel

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    I hope that you are doing well and are still on the path to recovery. I know how hard it is to fight a strong addiction, especially one that seems benign on the outset, but can grab us by the throat and drag us down. I am a furry addict as well. Everything that you said in your opening statement resonates with me in so many ways.
    I thought of furry p as art, harmless, and safe. I found myself drawn to it more than porn with people in it, to the point that I do not find real women all that attractive any more, or desirable, in cartoon form or in real life.

    When my SO found out about my addiction, she thought that I was into bestiality! I was horrified! That is not how I thought of those characters at all. I didn't see them as animals, but as sentient beings with all the characteristics of people. I guess I can contribute my feelings in this regard to growing up being a huge fan of Star Trek. I viewed them as real, intelligent beings, with feelings and emotions. And like you, I found their imagery alluring and sexually stimulating.

    In time my addiction grew and grew. I couldn't get enough. The effects of the FP were impacting me emotionally and socially. I didn't want to be around anyone. With my furry characters and images, I was cocooned and safe in another world, one where my PTSD couldn't hurt me. No one could hurt me.

    But no one could interact with me either. I was alone. But at the same time, I knew I was not alone. Were there others out there, like me?

    It was your thread that brought me here. I Googled Furry P Addiction and your thread popped up. Although this is my first day, I want to say thank you. Today is day 0 for me. I hope to make it for the rest of my life free of addiction, shame and guilt.

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  5. TheNewDawn106

    TheNewDawn106 Fapstronaut

    Hey Man it's great to read this. I have been struggling A LOT this year...responses like this give me the strength to keep pressing forward to a better life. One where I can connect with friends and find the courage to give love a chance again. I feel the same lack of connection with others you mentioned, especially when it comes to intimacy. How could I ever love a girl or do right by her if I can't actually understand her? FP was definitely my safe place before I realized how much damage it was doing to my real world social life.

    I commend you for stepping up and opening up about this. Unfortunately the furry community gets wayyyy too much hate and that constant association with bestiality is disgusting. The fursuiters I've met are doing exceptionally well in life, and aren't the dregs of humanity like the normal populace makes them out to be. Some are lawyers, real estate brokers, just everyday people like us. They're confident in who they are and honestly if I had some of that I wouldn't feel the need to run from society back into my little PMO prison.

    Keep on the Road to Dawn my friend.
  6. I'm here to support

    I'm here to support New Fapstronaut

    Hey dude it's a guy like you from 2019. I hope your on the road to recovery cause just an hour ago today I was browsing for some furry porn as usual even though I kept telling my self I would stop. I've been like this for about 4 years. Anyways I was scrolling and then I saw porn of spike from Tom and Jerry and I immediately started tearing up a little for some unexplained reason, it got worse when I saw he was doing it with his son and then from there I just felt disgusted and stopped looking at it altogether and started to look at the more positive sides of things like I did as a kid. My advice is be a kid again for a couple of days and look at the things you used to before your innocence was ruined in the same way you did as a child and see what happens. I hope it helps!

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