Where should my journal go?

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  1. ILoathePwife

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    Now that the women's forum is women rebooting should my journal be moved? I'm jounaling about my journey with my husband, he's the addict, I'm the SO. Should my journal be in rebooting in a relationship? Or the 40 plus reboot log section? I don't have a problem leaving it or moving it anywhere I was just wondering if a mod could give me input on what would be preferred. I suppose 40 plus makes the most sense?
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  2. Star Lord

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    I would go with the main age range forum for this instance.

    Side note though...
    IMO the womans journal should be better organised and labeled.
    I think it should be like this

    (Then sub categories)
    - age (journals)
    • 20s
    • 30s
    • etc
    - reboot/relapse logs
    - success/self improvement logs

    It's all very disorganised I think atm.
    It's difficult enough to post ones thoughts most times on nofap, why should it be an extra task for women to decide where best to to post it.

    Obviously I have no idea how to develop websites, but I know it's difficult. Still I think it would be a nice thing for the womens section to have the decoration it deserves.
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  3. jean grey

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    Thanks @fupornwife for this thread.
    First of all thanks to the mods, et al., for making this site SO friendly, I don't post a lot but I do appreciate the private SO group.

    I have been thinking about writing a journal but as an SO I have no idea where I should put it. I'm over 40 and would relate to this group the most, but, I'm the SO and don't feel comfortable invading their space. I also don't think that the SO's should necessarily be writing in the women's section either, firstly for the aforementioned reasons, and secondly not all SO's are women. There are a lot of gay men and straight women rebooting who might have male SO's in their life that want to journal &/or contribute.

    I would appreciate a journal area specifically for SO's. If you're re-arranging the logs already, this would be a nice place for us to write, and connect with the broader community. Sometimes we want to share privately, but sometimes there are things we want to share that might be helpful for others. My SO is currently posting on the academy site, but will end up here when he's feeling ready and I would really like to have an opportunity to be a part of the community to welcome him to the broader NoFap community.
    (I know I'm welcome to post, reply, be a part of the community already, I'm not invading by posting, et cetera)
    my 2 cents, thanks
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  4. Good question @fupornwife. Normally I would put it in Relationships, but we are currently dividing that section into two: one for addicts and one for partners. So I guess the best solution is to leave it in Women in Reboot until the new partner section is set up.
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  5. ILoathePwife

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    Great, thank you @matthewmammothrept! I have never felt totally like I'm in the "right" spot for me. How exciting that there will, someday, be a place specifically for SOs! I think that will help new SOs feel more comfortable when they sign up at the site. I have to say, when I did, I did wonder if I was somehow an "intruder" on a space for PMO addicts, not SOs. The steps to make this for a place for SOs (including forming the group, and making sure SOs are safe when posting) are really helpful! Thank you.

    @jean grey you get your wish!
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  6. jean grey

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    hooray! thanks again, looking forward to this change
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