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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by WilliamDaPrince, May 15, 2019.

  1. WilliamDaPrince

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    OK so I have actually tried noFap for a month last year and after a month went back to my old habits. I want to try again but this time never revert back to my old PMO habits.

    I have a problem that needs fixing and I hope that I will become who I am supposed to be, who I want to be. I don't want to be guided by my emotions and desires, but rather by principles that will make me a better man in a modern world.

    I kinda feel embarrassed being on this website, but I guess that is part of the first step.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions on groups to join for starters at this whole noFap thing.

    Thank you
  2. Hros

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    Welcome to the site!
    There aren't any specific groups that I l'd suggest you join. If you're religious, then there are some groups for certain religions, so those may interest you, for example.
    I think a better suggestion would be to try and get an accountability partner in the relevant section, to spend some time reading success stories for motivation, to find other, healthier things to do with your free time and to practice filtering out PMO-related thoughts from your mind.
    Good luck!
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  3. Hey & Welcome to NoFap Community! :)

    You are in the right place for recovery here. We are so glad to have you with us to beat this addiction together.

    You can go read some Success Stories in the "Success Stories" section to learn more about the benefits of NoFap , get useful tips and ideas to help you in the reboot.

    If you have any question about rebooting, you can ask it in the "Rebooting" section.

    And i would recommend you to make your own journal in the "Reboot logs" corresponding to your gender & age to track your everyday progress.

    You may start by checking the links below:
    Learn more about Rebooting.
    Forum Usage Guide.
    List of Rebooting Resources.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    -The Winner
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  4. Pashka

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    If you haven't already, you might want to get the "Getting Started with NoFap" guide on the home page.
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  5. WilliamDaPrince

    WilliamDaPrince New Fapstronaut

    Thanks man will definitely read up on success stories and look at specific religious groups
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    Hi @WilliamDaPrince !

    If you haven't already done so, please read the "Getting Started Guide" available on this site's (noFAP) home page. It includes lots of helpful information for you as you get started on your journey of healing. Also check out the "Glossary" in the toolbar on the top of this page for definitions of abbreviations and terms that may be new to you.

    There is more to be said, but get started reading first ...

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.

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