Which is the Best sexual recovery programme out there ???

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    Hi guys I hope y'all doing fine with your recovery in progress. I would really love to hear your thoughts and comments on the best sexual recovery programs out there, that can help an addict in this journey of recovery. I have a list of about 8 must be very popular programs, out there that helps to tackle this difficult addiction. please tell me what thoughts you have on these programs,(especially if you had experience of using them, include pros and cons also if necessary)

    1 www.Candeocan.com
    2 www.Themindfulhabit.com
    3 www.curethecraving.com
    4 www.feedtherightwolf.org
    5 www.ipersonalenrichment.com
    6 www.innergold.com
    7 www.purifyyourgaze.com
    8 www.overcomepornography.com

    There is also another great website that helps others on quitting porn and it is called www.yourbrainonporn.com Thanks for taking your time to read through!

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