Which is the better drug to cope up with Pure O?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, May 1, 2019.

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    I know I won`t buy any of these drugs for myself without referring to a psychiatrist.

    I would like to gather some information before having a conversation with the GP.

    Here are My Problems (Yet not boring!)

    Listing out each and every activity that are left over in the Do List
    Feeling like forgotten something (so recalling and forgetting again, so on)

    Looking at a time at crazy times an hour (checking time often)

    Not satisfied, feeling unpleasant

    feeling lot of pressure on the stomach (muscle twitching, tremor)

    P.S: These type of crazy behaviours haven`t developed over a month or a year.

    I`ve been facing trouble since age of 12 (now I`m 24)

    I lost major portion of my lifetime (adolescense and childhood) on battle with the crazy OCD.

    I`vebeen taking medication for over 6 months so far.

    Fluoxetine - 20 mg. once a day.
    but now my obsessions and compulsions are heavily relapsing!. so I need to change my drugs right now.. I hope you guys give me a better understanding about these drugs

    Here are my alternatives for fluoxetine (assuming)

    Inositol 18 gms
    Lexapro or escitalopram oxalate (dual isometric)
    Sertraline or Zoloft

    so which is the right one to choose to reduce my compulsions as soon as possible?
    also please tell me which one has lesser side effects?

    Note: I`m not in any other medication except for anxiety disorder.
    also, I didn`t had any noticeable side effects when taking fluoxetine..
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    I think it's not the right place to ask about the alternative medications. You should obligatory consult your doc. These are the Rx meds, so you need to know the right dosage of each unless you want to worsen your state. You can have a look at the side effects of those medications (I checked for them at Canadian Pharmacy, for example) and think twice before self treatment.
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    A smart doctor would not put you on drugs, but would tell you to solve your mental anguish, because all your compulsions, addictions and neurosis stem from some pain that, consciously or unconsciously, you don't want to go through; I'm talking here about possibly some childhood trauma (such as neglectful or emotionally absent parents).

    Drugs will mask the compulsion and within a few years you'll be at maximum dosage and still with OCD.
  4. The best drug is MEDITATION
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