Whim Hof Method - 10 week program

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sethblue, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. Sethblue

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    Just had a recent relapse after a 16 day streak, that has been my longest streak by far in the last year if not last 2 years.

    A key factor was just being so pre-occupied with other things going on in life... Planning a vacation, mom's b-day, promotion at work, trying to organize an event with friends...

    While it felt good there was always little thoughts creep in and out during those days fantasizing about women and noticing myself distracted when I see an attractive girl in public.

    The streak broke once I got back after vacation and got back into my CPU to "check emails and social media" which got me into PMO. The excuse was "it's been so long already".

    It's only the first step but got a long ways to go! This will be a weekly update log for Whim Hof Method to increase happiness and well being levels that help curve PMO.

    I find PMO is a great negative emotion release, but not the ideal way.

    "Do the work, because if you don't... someone else will" -RM
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    I think of porn as anesthetic. It numbs the pain but nothing about the causes. Exacerbates them in fact. I also think of porn as healing a rash by rubbing hot coals on your skin with your bare hands. It makes sense and it’s completely stupid. Throw all your time and energy into developing the life you want to live and into cultivating yourself into the man you want to be.
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    Good luck man, I've done the wim hof method a few times and will probably get back to practicing it more myself since I've been meditating more lately. Keep us updated.
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    Great metaphor, things have been up and down lately.... I took some focus away and my PMO issues and it became more pronounced. It seems like the consequence of being "mindless" or on "autopilot" - like you said "anesthetic" if you're present there will be challenges to deal with but each time you get better and better. When you become mindless there is no progress just waste and the bad habits creep in.
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