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Who am I?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Thunder., Nov 24, 2023.

  1. Thunder.

    Thunder. Fapstronaut

    I am a man who has 22 years old. I have a bachlor degree in Petroleum and groundwater sciecnes. I have secondary skills that stated later in this thread. Next to my smoking addiction which I have recovered from it many times and I stopped it finally and I hope to make this time the last one. I have been starting my addiction behaviour PM for more than 13 years as I remember so I have joined this hell when I was child and thats why the addiction enslaved me and affects on my brain, passion, studying marks, health, life and my soul. It forced me to do many things all that time which I have to ashamed from it.

    When I was young, I used to practice PM too much (6 - 10 times per day and maybe more than the range in some days), so I am deeply in this mud because it has started when I was young. I have rised how the bad of the addiction content many times to be more bad. Now I am back again to practice PM 6 times per a day because I relapsed and lost the hope but I here again to rise the sign of war against this deep hole.

    All that time, I tried many things to get rid of PM and failed but I know I mustn't give up amd I have to search for the best version of myself.

    Later, I will start write information about this PM from my long and deep experiences and Arabic or English resources that I have watched or read or communites that I joined before. I would like my writing to help and inspire you.

    I have skills on graphic designing, montage, blogger and writing in blog, social media managing and I worked in all of these fields before.

    My goal is assisting you guys with everything I can during my recovery and after. I am skilled on leading online communitites for many years with people from all over the world so maybe I might be staff in the futurte.
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