Who else is a PUA here?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Cafax Xafac, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Yep, I'm talking about venusian arts. We'll share ideas and experiences. I'm sure our game will improve. Actually I haven't found any since the day I joined NoFap. I hope someone somewhere is reading this right now.
  2. You may enjoy the two cold approach threads that were posted in the loneliness section:


    I'm not sure I really qualify (complete newbie I guess? ;)) since I've done cold approach a grand total of once ever a couple of weeks ago (did it for the first time). I have pretty severe social anxiety since getting clean from a drug addiction, to the point I've barely left the house at all in the past couple years, told myself if I wanted to overcome it I had to throw myself in at the deep end. So forced myself to go out and approach women.

    I thought with my anxiety it'd be near impossible, but on the contrary it was really invigorating and a ton of fun, and perhaps most importantly just that single day, or couple of hours even, of doing it, was like months of therapy in terms of what it did to reduce my anxiety.

    I happen to live an hour away from one of the best cities in Europe for daygame/cold approach so I count myself lucky in that respect. Me and a friend will be going into the city again soon to do some more.
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    How dare you consider yourself an 'artist'.

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