Who else is flying solo tonight?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by FirefromAbove, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. zeke27

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    Yes also plays a role in that.
  2. So if people tell you that you are a bad person, then you believe it?
  3. A lot of the interest in fetishes will die off if you complete a 90 day hard mode reboot.
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    I will be flying all the time because I am a wannabe sigma male.
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    I have been flying solo every day for years.
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    Not necessarily but believe, if from kid you have been called a shit or garbage in school and/or home, your self-worth and esteem eventually will be affected
  7. Yeah, believe me I know. I had a lot of problems that I don't talk about.

    But things are different now. Every person can decide who they are or what their self-esteem is.

    If you want self-esteem, you have to earn it through work, fitness, schooling, effort.

    It won't come to you by playing a video game, getting drunk or peering into a smart phone.
  8. zeke27

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    You’re right, improving our body, our personality, being more emphatic toward others, doing good things, etc will give our self esteem a boost, but believe, if you are constantly being rejected, being made fun of, isolated and so on, you will eventually feel bad, and even start questioning yourself. It has happened to me like one things is a garbage that nobody likes in their backyards, that one shouldn’t exist. Like I said, environment is important, surrounding ourselves with the correct people. Of course, sometimes we don’t get to choose the environment, and that’s when problems start to happen. One doesn’t choose their parents, and some suffer from low self esteem because of their parents initially and then it worsens in school and later on college and then on a work. It is like a vicious cycle. That’s why I’m emphasizing in the environment.

    Right relationships with the right people will make us feel better about ourselves. Another thing is family, sometimes family does us more harm than good so, not because they’re our family we have to bear their burden and bear their bad attitudes, if we have to distant for our good, we have to do it.
  9. Eternally (so it seems) solo.
    I would love an unexpected surprised though!
  10. No, my friend. What you must understand is that when the world rejects you, the
    purpose of that is for you to find a way to KEEP your self-esteem.

    If everybody hates you, but you don't internalize it, that is when you have self-esteem.

    Understand that people who are loved and have friends, they just "think" they have self-esteem. Some of them do, but most of them don't.

    If you go out and earn self-esteem, nobody can take that away. Because what people say or think about you at that point means squat.

    Wasn't I 45 years old when I ran under a six-minute mile? Who can talk junk about that? I did it because I built up to it, I put in the effort. It wasn't easy.

    But if the world discounts that or me, who cares? At the end of the day, let's get on the track and find out. They won't show up.

    That's how you become a winner.
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    Yep, I fly solo pretty much every night.

    35 years old, live alone, work from home, and I'm single. So I'm pretty close to a hermit.

    I've made a bunch of goals that I want to get to this year (health wise, social wise, addiction wise) so I have something to look forward to and it helps.
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    Honestly, I understand your point but again, saying that the world hates you or me or whoever it’s a little bit of exaggeration for me, it depends on the environment. If you are a good guy, living with an open heart, knowing that we’re not a “gold coin” and regardless of how good and attractive our personality and overall attitude is to others, there will be still people who will “hate” us or don’t like us. It’s just how the world works.
    I’ve learned myself actually not to care about what other people say or think about me because I know who I am and I’m a good person. If someone doesn’t like for x or y, I’m okay with it, don’t take it personally and don’t have any resentment. Like I said before about the environment thing, you might be the greatest of guys on earth but if you surround with bad people because the environment doesn’t provide good people, they will eventually hate you and say negative things to bring you down.
  13. Only if you let them. It's up to you. You can't change it playing a victim.

    Your post makes me think that you understand that some people out there are negative and that you don't care. But at the end you mention that they can bring you down with their negativity.

    Either they can or they can't. If you believe they can, they can. If not, they can't.

    What is the value in allowing others that power over you?
  14. zeke27

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    There's no value in that. What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't mind what other people think, because you could be the greatest person in the whole world, and still some people will see otherwise. My point in the environment is just what I've said before, we have to try and surround ourselves with the correct people.

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