Who has found stable long-term success? (one year minimum)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SnowWhite, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. SnowWhite

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    Is there anyone who has found really long-term stable success? Like being at least one year totally PMO-free?

    I'm constantly experiencing a phasing between two poles. There are streaks of freedom - from 5 days up to 35 days, where I am in hard mode, I am stable and live is fulfilled to a high degree. But then, there is fallback again; phases with cycles of pmo/sex addiction and procrastination are coming, and so on.

    I am sure that the cause are underlying issues. Something holds me back from living my life, like underlying subconscious doubts. PMO / sex addition is then only a filler which fills the void.

    The idea to get out of PMO is to really find out what you want to do, and to follow your own instinct.

    There are methods which help - like socialising, sports, hypnosis, travelling, learning etc. These helped me., but anyway, they always helped me only for a temporary time. After a while, I always fall back. I am still seeking long-term stability.

    After all, at least I was able to successfully push back depression and anxiety. That's now stable since almost one year. I think that is done. But PMO is still there.
  2. Eagersalmon

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    Well i think i might have an answer for you, but it's probably not the one you're looking for.

    Humans are by nature cyclical. By that i mean that you will have ups and downs. This doesn't damn you to PMO, but there will always be moments of self doubt/depression/procrastination. Just at this very moment, when you are down, it manifests as PMO. What you mean by 'long-term success' is someone finding a way of dealing with their problems without PMO. Prehaps it would be wise to look at what you can do when you're down to avoid PMO? Being self aware of when you're going through such a phase would be the first step.

    Elliot Hulse is a bit of a crazy dude sometimes, but he has some good stuff on the cyclical patterns of depression. Might be worth your time checking his old videos out.

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  3. jfromcr

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    Hey @SnowWhite,

    I have six years PMO free. I have not masturbated, edged, or used p-subs in that time either.

    Since the rest of your post was not a question, I will say that I think what you may be missing is to embrace that you have a dark side that wants to take you back. I wrote a post about it on my website, but NoFap has asked me not to post direct links. You can PM if you want to get more info.
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  4. SnowWhite

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    @Eagersalmon Yes, I'm with you, I see the cyclic behaviour very well. There are patterns stored in our mind, which come back in cycles. Sometimes the patterns get activated, and then the program is run. But these cycles can be changed. As said, regarding depression, I've made a big step forward. I had a depressive pattern for around 30 years, and finally it is now gone. That's amazing, and it's stable since 10 months.

    The same is for sure possible for the PMO pattern. I'm continuing to work on myself.
  5. SnowWhite

    SnowWhite Fapstronaut

    @jfromcr Thank you, and congratulations, that's a good prospect. Well, regarding embracing the dark side, that's a good advice. In a way I know, but I sometimes forget about it.

    I see the "dark side" like Jekyll & Hyde. It is a part of me, of us, of everyone. It is there and cannot be removed. It's like a sleeping dog. We need to find ways not to wake that dog or to feed it.

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