Who is behind sissy hypno stuff and what is their actual goal?

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  1. Isn’t this just a result of a more open minded state we are acquiring since we are now in an era of more sexual freedom and identity. There is less taboo now. The stuff that is being talked about on tv and in governments was unthinkable just 10 years ago.
  2. y'all are talking like it's some kinda global issue beyond government-level code red type shit as if it wasn't just a few horny people making vids in a pirated copy of adobe filmmaker
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    So poland is not a nation by this definition? Only north korea?
    "common ancestor" here we go again with this relativist sh1t, yeah all atoms have a universe in them so we cant categorize anything, dude weed bro.
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    Schizophrenics dont need to be cured either, as long as they dont harm others. Obviously
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    “Mental illnesses exist so clearly trans people need to stop existing because that’s totally how logic works.”

    Schizophrenics are suffering from ailments they’d rather not have. They get treatment to help with that. This does not mean we should somehow stop people from being trans (how would we even do that? We don’t have anywhere near the technology to alter the brain at that level yet).
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    Obvious manipulation from your part.
    Yes, schizophrenics should stop existing. Instead, we should strive to make them sane again. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, therefore we should strive to cure it and make them comfortable with their biology, as it is the most natural and easiest path for everyone. You dont need high tech to do that, just stop watching porn and being a sex addict, stop thinking about abstract forms of gender roles and feel good about a societal paradigm of males and females working together in harmony and what objectively works best for their biology. Stop listening to manipulators.
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    What do you get if you cross a male donkey with a female horse?
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    A mule.
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    'Milk them' are perfectly chosen words in this case
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    i mentioned north korea since they are a hermit nation and are probably the nation least affected by globalization, poland on the other hand like most modern nation of course have immigrant populations. You are the first one who mentioned "A biologically related and culturally unique group of people" as being equivalent to "a tribal, ethnic, or racial group." next time just use that instead of the former because chimps are of course biologically related to humans or just try being more precise like to what degree and what does that have to do with fucking atoms?
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    Thanks for bringing this up and warning the community. I have never heard of such things in my life it really gave me goosebumps, those people that make this kind of video's know how the human brain works and its vulnerabilities. Be safe brother!
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  13. Who's behind it? Porn addicts. There is no vast conspiracy behind this sissy stuff, it's just random individuals who have been utterly warped by porn.
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    I’m pretty sure that’s the case, that conspiracy stuff fuels paranoia and makes it more naughty, taboo and appealing when you’re looking for a high. I think it’s healthier to just think what a silly bunch of freaks and no I’m not looser that wants to suck off a tranny I’m just turned on by hot birds an the cock thrown in is just shocking me and adding the forbidden. Not good for you but I’m pretty sure the government, CIA and the devil are not making it! It’s been took off porn hub for a while in the uk which is good.
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    No conspiracy. the porn addicts search and escalate into various genres which feeds the search algorithms information to prepare and select new kind of porn clips. It is almost like a reinforced wheel.
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    A biologically related and culturally unique group of people, who speak the same language and often (but not always) inhabit the same territory — i.e., a tribal, ethnic, or racial group.

    This makes the Poles a nation including the ones who have immigrated to other countries, even if the country of poland minority Polish in an ideal globalist dystopia. Ayo fo shoe my n1gguh buy my merch btw foo foo ass cracka
  17. This reply.
    The "problem" is our lack of moral objectivity and lax tolerance for perversion, deviancy and immorality. SP is only a symptom.
    The thread shoulded ended after this. I'm out.
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    Wanna add my experience:

    I am still addicted and can not stop
    I am straight and it really affects the person, I was looking for shemale escorts in my area for many months, I was texting them and don't go last moment . Honestly I don't want this $hit

    I also noticed that some people HERE in this form are defending these kind of videos knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly .

    Some people try to make you believe it is pure coincidence, but it is not
    It is funded by groups who ARE READING YOUR COMMENTS NOW!

    If you don't see it then you have a problem
    The sequence is a straight man like me feel lonely, miss my ex gf, go feeling like shit and start browing youtube for anything help me with insomnia

    It just started as mild upset, insomnia , can't sleep

    YOUTUBE suggested hypnosis
    YOUTUBE suggested hypnosis with sweet female voice
    Youtube took me to Hypnosis while watching woman leg dangle
    It was youtube who took me to foot fetish, then being submissive, femdom,
    Youtube did recommend JOI for me
    Then JOI with a woman wearing [email protected]
    Then Shemales
    Then it goes on and on

    I am unfortunately expert in all of those girls making JOIs
    Till 2016 there was famous dozens, now they are thousands

    1- All of them have WORSHIP me instead of G-D videos
    2- All of them have hypnosis joi
    3- Most of them do witchcraft freely openly and that they put spell on you

    They all share the same criteria, same motive, same cult, same satanists

    Whether you believe in G-D or no, they are satanists

    I watched zillions of videos , some of them put demon names and signatures, alphanumericals ....a lot of shit regarding withcraft

    Youtube obviously owned by the MONSTER GOOGIL

    Yet, youtube waits sometimes YEARS to delete certain hypnos or JOIs
    But it takes minutes or maximum days to delete REAL TRUE information about covid, its origin from REAL NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS specialized in virology like LUC Montangnier who warned against vaccines and who were the first one that stated that covid is a lab made 100% by adding 30 pair of Nucleotides of HIV to Corona virus (As a good intent to make vaccine for HIV)

    If you dare to post any video regarding true information by real doctors, physicians or virologists , get deleted immediately, but yet it took 7 years to delete famoust hypnotist channel

    Is that coincidence ?

    I don't think so

    They made you scared from thinking, if you say anything odd, then you are automatically fake news - Conspiracy theorist crazy moron

    If you tried to search googie for LUC montagnier virologist nobel winner, AUTOMATICALLY you will receive pages from INDIA !! telling you
    FAKE news
    Fact check, obviosuly fake

    So if you are trying to search for truth, google will take you to pages that attack and comment on the original video and you will get lost in the middle of bombardment of those ads DEBUNKING FAKE NEWS

    Some people asks me why did you mention covid here, it is out of topic, hoensly, if you see how things goes, it is all connected together , same groups behind the scenes that controls all those puppet politicians

    I was searching NOFAP in 2016 after 45 day streak , till this date I have never watched a single COMPILATION hypno shit

    I was searching google for porn is a CFIA brainwashing techniques , then it took me to results most of them are porn hypnosis shit

    Is that coincidence ? I don't think so
    Is there someone watching your search ? hell no, there are codes, programs , linked to your IP, browsing history, cookies, your browser fingerprint....

    They will not show you this deep shit rock bottom hypno, unless you tried to escape free from this addiction, then they increased the dose and can't stop it anymore

    Yes most of these videos are perfectly made using engineers, audio and video , compilation could take years, but with these amouth of long videos, I can tell it is very very very well funded with billions of dollars

    I tried to stop using laptop but failed
    I tried to replace my smart phone with a dumb phone but failed, can't stop using maps, waze, what's app, outlook, all these apps

    Stay away if you are already away

    If you guys know a way that I can break free, let me know
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    I agree, they took down flat earth vids also or its generally difficult to find now..or if you look for it in Google like you said it's very saturated, n everyone should know that Google is pay to play!!

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