Who is JESUS? let me know!

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Zillion

    Zillion Fapstronaut

    Seriously i hadn`t familiar with either christianity or people who are from christian background..

    also, i have no time to make a research regarding the history of Jesus..

    also, i would like to know certain things about Jesus, his principles, notion of his followers...

    so i believe that you`ll provide the required information as i wanted.. also make it as brief as possible..


    Who is jesus?, where he was born, to whom, what he was doing in his early life?
    When Christianity became phenomena?.

    Whats the relationship between Christianity and judaism?
    name any 10 primary principles that are preached by Jesus
    Why was he called as the messenger of God?
    Prefer any quality book to get to know about the basics of Christianity and Jesus (also remember i dont know anything of Jesus)..

    Define the differences and the similarities between these two types of Christianity (Catholic vs Protestant)..
  2. Agitation_free

    Agitation_free Fapstronaut

    Honestly you can google all these questions... but I will answer anyway.
    Jesus is an historical figure who was born in 4 year BC (not year 1 because of mathematical mistake) and died in 30 year AD when he was about 33 or 34 years old. He was born in Bethlehem, in Judea (modern day palestine autonomy in Israel) as a jew in poor family, son of St. Mary and St. Joseph. We don't know much about Jesus childood. Probably he was like any other kid in his age. We know that he was helping his father in workshop, because his father was a carpenter. We know that when he was 12 he already knew that he was a son of God. Basically we don't know much about him until he was 30 years old, because jews could teach only after they were 30 years old or older. So when he was 30 years old he started teaching and he soon gathered 12 apostles, with names: Simon (later Peter), Andrew (Simon brother), Jacob, John (Jacob brother), Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Mathew, Jacob (another Jacob), Thomas, Simon Canaanite, Judas Iscariot. Jesus was betrayed by Judas. He died crossed because Roman Empire and jewish elders thought that his teaching was dangerous for their power. The only book that you need is the New Testament. I think that I answered all your questions. Feel free to ask more.
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  3. j0rdi3

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    Jesus isn't a historical figure, he's your Lord and savior.. Jesus lived... and the things he taught have empowered and informed the decisions of people for over two millenia... He died for your sins and he wants to have a personal relationship with you. Don't listen to what others say. Pray to Christ and ask him to make himself known to you... God loves you and wants you to have the best possible life that you can. If you're already here on NoFap, that means you're already thinking in the right general direction. Again don't listen to what anyone else says, pray to God in your heart and ask him to forgive you your sins and he will! Message me if you ever have any questions!

    Good luck Bro.
  4. Agitation_free

    Agitation_free Fapstronaut

    wtf are you saying? Jesus IS a historical figure. OP asked some questions about Jesus and you didn't answer any of these questions. How can somebody became christian when you cannot explain any question but you are only telling that Jesus is savior?
  5. Clean Willy

    Clean Willy Fapstronaut

    What the actual fuck are you talking about? o_O

    What was he then, a ghost? :confused: You said, "He died for your sins".

    Quite right. But how did he do that if he wasn't a historical figure?
  6. I'mJustAChoice

    I'mJustAChoice Fapstronaut

    In the times of Jesus there was a self-proclaimed prophet on every corner of every city of the Middle East. So Jesus might have actually existed, and history distorted his story and words, and thus a big religion was born. I say history distorted it because every evangelist wrote about him hundreds of years after his time, and they said to be writing what the angels told them to write...
    I come from Christian background, I was brought up to believe in Jesus, and so I did until I was like 9 years old. Through my history degree and my personal research on world's religions I got even more and more pulled away from religion. Seeing the big picture changes your perception quite a bit.
    I don't deny the mysticality of reality, because it is undeniable, but if I were you I wouldn't trust a bit what a few shepherds had to say about reality and life 2 thousand years ago.
  7. Amphibian

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    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    God. He is the bodily person of God who is His own only begotten Son born out of a virgin from the Holy Spirit. Since God is formed in a trinity (Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, Begotten Son), whoever person in this trinity is God. Like man is created in 3 parts (body, soul, spirit). Jesus means "Jehovah Saves " meaning God only gives salvation, Jesus is the word of God in the flesh, the light of the world blinded by darkness, never sinned not even once so that's why He wasn't worthy of death even though He went preaching during 3 days to the dead and damned before resurrecting and ascending to Heaven and dealing with us nowadays through our apostle Paul's message and will catch His disciples away at the Rapture soon.

    He came on this Earth, fallen since Adam and Eve sinned, to reconcile man with Him by shading His sinless blood for the eternal propitiation of every sin of whoever trust in His finished work at the cross, and that comes by hearing the good news preached in rightly divided sound doctrine.

    Jesus left Heavens glory to save us from death by suffering for our justification (and transformation) from all trespasses.

    God (Jesus) created you, and He also did what He could to buy you back from Satan's instigation. Like if you have built a boat and you put it on a river and watch it going away until it went too far from you... The next day, you found someone else holding that boat, and so you pay that person for your own boat to have it back. Jesus paid that price at the cross, offering you the free gift of eternal salvation by faith in His sinless blood.

    His existence has been proved by the death sentencing documents of Pontius Pilate, and also archeological shades, and obviously his ministry and teaching and Church that HE built.

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  9. Press on

    Press on Fapstronaut

    Hello friend your information is inaccurate.Christ is indeed a historical figure who is referenced in Roman historical records of the time. Furthermore, the gospels of Mathew and John are first hand accounts written by the disciples of Jesus. Mark and Lukes gospels were written shortly after Jesus' death. Mark and Luke interviewed those present during the life of Jesus. As a result, if I were you I would do a little more research. "The case for Christ" is a good place to start.
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  10. Press on

    Press on Fapstronaut

    If you want to know Christ, then read the New Testament. Start with the book of John, then read Mathew, Luke and Mark in whatever order you choose. Seeking to know Jesus is a personal journey. Take it on and you won't regret it.
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  11. I'mJustAChoice

    I'mJustAChoice Fapstronaut

    Yeah sure, that's according to the church, who doesn't allow any type of dating on the original documents, but by the language used in them it is obvious that they are not from the first century.
    But I'm not gonma argue with a religious guy anyways.
    Have a good day.
  12. Apothecarist

    Apothecarist Fapstronaut

    Jesus is the prophet and slave of Allah, He created him same as prophet Adam [first man], he is the word of Allah, Allah sent his word to Marry - peace be upon her - and Allah created Jesus in carry, same as the creation of any baby inside the uterine of his mother. his story can be found in Quran, Surat Al-Imran, chapter 3, verses from 40-60. we as Muslims follow his teachings, bible says no alcohol, and in Islam alcohol is prohibited, while many Christians drink alcohol like water, bible says no pork, and in Islam, pork is prohibited, while many Christians favours pork and eat it freely, bible orders women to wear head cover and wear modestly, Muslim women do, while Christians do not.
  13. Jesus is also someone who can be your intimate friend. I am close to him and know he loves me so much. That is a big comfort.
  14. Zillion

    Zillion Fapstronaut

    Will you suggest me some books or articles where references of Jesus got in play in Islam
  15. Apothecarist

    Apothecarist Fapstronaut

    sure bro, I suggest Qur'an as a satisfactory book, and i sent the references to you in private

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    If you're Muslim currently, know that apparently:
    _"Jesus" is found 25 places in your Koran compared to your prophet Mohamet who is only 4 places.
    _"Jesus" in your Koran is being taken up by God to paradise, whereas your prophet Mohamet just dies in the grave.
    _In your Koran, it is said "every soul will taste death", but also that your God " Allah" has a soul, so that is to say Allah who has a soul will taste death.
    _Your Koran has 6666 words and worship the Virgin Mary like the Catholics do, who are not Christian.
    _"Islam" means "submission", there is no grace there, it's dictatorship.
    _Your prophet Muhamet had sex with a 6 or 9 years old child, was described as having seizures when preaching his stuff sometimes and possessed.
    _Women are mentally deficient by nature according to your Koran.
    Several former Muslims woke up to the truth and realized Islam is just a wicked doctrine to brainwash people for the Arab imperialism agenda.
    Here is what they have to say:

    The Bible says in the last days, people will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

    " Why ISLAM is FALSE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtzcRPjfhqVdUjKCQ5bAo3OzAzNuqoXIQ "

    Are you sure you're not lying to yourself man ?

    God bless you.
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  17. Apothecarist

    Apothecarist Fapstronaut

    1) yes few mentions, he does not need mentions as the entire Qur'an was sent to him.
    2) yes taken to paradise, but if you read Qur'an, it is mentioned that he will return to earth to face Christians with the fact that bible was changed and Islam is the truth, he will role for 40 years then die, Muslims will burry him in a grave, and will pray form him as a noble prophet, and miracle from Allah.
    3) Allah is the creator of soul, and in the same Qur'an it is mentioned that everything is going to be destroyed except Allah, and the word soul that you mentions, in arabic it is called 'nafs' which means a creature not a creator ;)
    4) Give me one sentence of Qur'an that states that we worship lady Marry peace be upon her and i will convert to Christianity now
    5) Islam means peace in Arabic, and submission to Allah who created the heavens and earth, no dictatorship there is no politics here
    6) Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him married her when she was 18 and this was the age of marriage in that era, let alone that their first son came when she was much older
    7) bring a sentence that states that women are so, do not say something that you did not see in Qur'an
    8) Peace :)
  18. Son of Mary and Joseph. According to the Bible he was born in Bethlehem in the year 6 CE, because that was the historical time when Quirinius ordered the roman census of Judea. Several few stories about his early life, one that he was very eloquent in debating topics with religious authorities at the age of 12 already. He started to become a public person around the age of 30 years.
    Christianity became a phenomena with the organization of the early church by the judean/roman former pharisee Saul/Paul.
    He was most responsible for organizing early Christianity and writing out the structures, rules and principles.
    Christianity has it´s roots in Judaism, Jesus was a pious jew preaching to the Jews. His disciples and followers believed and hoped he would be the announced Messiah, while Judaism denies him the recognition of this role. The relationship is difficult, like it is between Islam and the two others also. Early christian congregations have been chased by Judaism, while later Christianity held the Jews in general responsible for the death of Jesus and initiated regularly pogromes with that argumentation.
    Agape, meaning the unconditional love of others or even enemies without expecting anything back.
    Forgiveness, Jesus at the cross shall have forgiven the people who crucified him.
    Humility, what may seem important to the world is just small before God.
    Faith and trust in God - no worries about tomorrow, God will take care of you, if you trust in him.
    Service to others, but do not serve with looking for personal gain, fame or privileges.
    Eternal life, there is no final death for the believers, their souls will be saved.
    Last Judgement, there shall be an end of the earth and a divine intervention.
    Inclusion, he preached against self righteousness or condemnation of others.
    Poverty, he stressed that rich people would have a very difficult time following his way, because they were too attached to their material goods.
    Simplicity, he preached to simple undeducated people, there was no need for sophisticated theology.
    Peace, people who follow his way, shall find inner peace and freedom.
    He is called the Son of God or the Christ, not just a messenger or another prophet. (Islam and Judaism deny this point)
    God became flesh in Jesus to free the sinners by his self sacrifice once and for all from the old strict laws of Moses, given in the Thora. (that´s a very short, religious summary)

    The Bible of course. There are hundreds of books about Jesus and Christianity. Theology was the most important part in the first european universities.
    Oh Boy... Catholic view= we are the one and true church, obey the Pope, we take the responsibility for any errors, just trust us and follow our orders.
    Protestants view= Nope, I will read the Bible myself and I do not follow or obey any Pope, I am only responsible to God and my conscience.
    This question departed whole Europe and there was a devastating war over 30 years over it.
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  19. parkurman123

    parkurman123 Fapstronaut

    Many believe because he did miracles. Some rabbis in His time accused Jesus of sorcery. So we know that He done something impressive. Master Illusionist Andre Kole tried to prove that it was just an illusion.
    In the end he agreed that Jesus did miracles.
    Master Illusionist Andre Kole: Is Jesus Messiah or Magician?
  20. Damn right! He is a ghost! He's the holy ghost of Gawd! That's why most churches are old building - they hope Jesus the holy ghost of Gawd will haunt their building and make them holy.

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