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  1. Does anyone else feel like a completely different person after getting a good streak going? I keep thinking back to my non-sober state and can't believe how the lust fueled, sex obsessed side of me used to be and it just feels totally alien to me now. Now that the lust is under control life is peaceful, however I know that all it takes is a strong trigger for that shit to come back with a vengence. Sights set on 30 days now!
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    Yea, it feels like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dumbass sometimes. It's hard to believe that your technically the same person who made those decisions just a few weeks or months ago.
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    I know exactly what you guys mean. A month ago whenever I had work or had plans to play video games with my friends, I'd pretend I couldn't attend or that the work was too hard to spend hours watching porn. It was all undeserved pleasure. Now, I'm on top of all my work and I feel happier than ever. Even doing simple things like talking to a frined who I don't usually talks to makes me happy, when in the past it would annoy me. It becomes a lot simpler to enjoy things.
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