Who was your favorite president?

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  1. ConradJHart

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    Mine would be Woodrow Wilson.

    I thought about it as I watched the third Democratic debate. Woodrow Wilson is perhaps the most controversial president. Some say he is the worst, some say he is overrated, some think he is great.

    He created the Federal Reserve, and they have done a remarkably good job at regulating the interest and money supply of the United States. He created the Federal Trade Commission which helps maintain the transparency of businesses in the country. He also set us on the path for progressive labor policies that were brought out in their fullest during FDR's New Deal.

    His idea of self-determination and liberal internationalism permanently changed the landscape of American Foreign Policy. Beforehand, the debate revolved around whether America should remain isolated and raise tariffs or choose to lessen tariffs and trade with other nations. His idea of a League of Nations basically eliminated the idea that the United States could remain as an isolated nation. Now, the debate is whether we ahould act unilaterally to solve ours and the world's problems, or should we partner with nations to solve the world's problems.

    This idea came to the forefront in his Fourteen Points speech and the idea for a League of Nations. However, his League of Nations died a painful death. The Treaty of Versailles was far from what Wilson had hoped. Despite containing a provision for the League of Nations, the United States never joined. He commented that it might someday come forth in a way better than he had proposed, and perhaps we could argue that this is the United Nations.

    Who is your favorite president?
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    So he's the one! Ah ha!
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    John Adams is mine.
    He was so open minded to the philosophy of government with a genuine interest to make it as best as possible for the people that he respected having a Vice President from the opposing party (Thomas Jefferson).
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  4. Hros

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    I think Abraham Lincoln: First Republican president, abolished slavery, etc, had a good relationship with the American Jewish community.
    One of the most impressive things about him in my opinion is that he had to go through the Civil War as president of the Union, two of his sons died during his lifetime - and he still remained optimistic enough to a degree to officially set up Thanksgiving.
  5. ⏳⏳⏳

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    Americans have a kind of fetish with the Presidents and there's a good deal of comparisons of one to another and so on. What I find interesting is that while the rankings fluctuate wildly the Top 5 is always Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy and FDR.
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    Honestly, I'm really terrible with history. I hated it in school and therefore paid no attention, so I know embarsssingly little about any of the presidents.

    But I was reading a book once that talked a lot about Theodore Roosevelt and how well he treated everyone he came across. That he always made a big effort to remember people's names and details about their lives, even like servants and "lower class" individuals, and that everyone on his staff loved working for him, because he was such a caring person and made everyone feel important and special.

    So I would say him :)
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  8. ConradJHart

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    See! You don't hate history. That story was special and made an impression on you, so you remembered it.

    History is not dates and names. History is about the stories, the why, and what happened. I'm sorry if you got stuck with a boring history teacher that didn't understand this.
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    I hated history too, until I had a teacher that told stories about the times. His lectures were super interesting.

    Oddly enough, the first time I took his class, I failed it due to missing too many classes. It was a morning class, and I was a horrible morning person in college, AND I already had a chip on my shoulder about history, so I dismissed it. It's the only time I ever had to re-take a class.

    I took a leave of absence for about four years because I had some work opportunities that kept coming my way. When I finally decided to finish school, I had to retake History, and lo and behold, he was the one teacher whose class fit into my schedule. I realized I really enjoyed learning about history--especially now that I was feeling more politically engaged. I've appreciated history ever since.
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    Well, my mom was my history teacher for most of my life, as I was homeschooled. But I think it's just different now that I'm older. I'm a bit more interested in that stuff now than I used to be when I was younger.
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    Action Jackson!
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  12. Mr. McMarty

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    Trump is my favorite president of all time. only history will tell the full story of how he is taking on the deep state and rooting out child sex trafficers.
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    Drain the swamp.
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  14. zig

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    Teddy. Not only for his political flair, but for his furious ambition and ethics as well. He was probably the most well read president behind Jefferson. Even during his presidency he averaged a book a night. He was a commander, a boxer, a Naval Secretary, a ranchman, a sheriff, an author, a mountaineer -- he exemplified a completeness that I really admire in people.
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    Yeah, history will tell. But when she speaks you will stick your fingers in your ears not to hear her or retort with "fake news" every time she posits how your favorite shaved orangutan is a corrupt pos :emoji_joy:
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