Why a woman approached me for the first time in my life.

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    Women have approached me before, but this was different. I'm certain that this particular type of scenario was the first time it's happened to me. It was a touching and memorable moment which I partly credit to NoFap.

    I was out at a restaurant with a friend of mine and one of his friends. As we entered the restaurant I noticed a woman look at me with wonder. I didn't think much of it. She was sitting alone so I assumed her company (husband or partner) was in the bathroom or something. So I continued walking towards our table in the corner of the restaurant and enjoyed my time with the two friends.

    Almost halfway through our meal the lady approached our table with a broken voice and foreign accent. She apologised for her husky tone and said that she just wanted to give me "this" (as she handed me a folded up note). I asked: "Who is this from?" And she replied: "Me." I was stunned. Before I could even register what had just happened, she walked away. She was alone in the end. Both friends looked at me with surprise too. In fact, my friend is more of a ladies man than me, so he was more shocked because a woman approached me instead of him.

    When I opened the note it read:
    Here for a couple of days, I'd be happy to have a coffee with you :)
    (followed by her name and phone number).

    Did I contact her? You bet your fapping ass I did! She was only here for 2 days, so time was of the essence. Later that night we met at midnight and hung out. She was a classy lady from Europe and when I asked her why she approached me, she said: "There was this energy about you..."

    That has to be the best compliment I've received. Ironically, my friend's friend who was present at dinner predicted exactly that- she said: "You must have an aura about you this evening for her to approach you."

    I am so much more grounded, calm and confident since managing my addictive behaviour. She sensed this. Prior to NoFap, I must've been airy, nervous and timid.

    I'm now 4 months fap-free and 2 months porn-free. I've developed such resilience that I even delete all sexual content I receive on whatsapp from friends to resist urges and relapses. This strength and self-control is the attractive quality.

    It's inevitable; the moment you stop clicking on the digital men and women on your screen, you eventually start clocking onto the physical men and women in real life. Or in this case, they clock onto you.

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    Super cool, i'm happy for you, i'm even jelaous when i read this stories :D
  4. GSM

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    well done bro, gives me motivation knowing people like you have beat porn!
  5. Sufc101

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    Lovely story... those are the experiences.
    You staying in contact?
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  6. Ricky Dalton

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    Impressive!! That's great man. Keep it up.
  7. hold152

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    Wow bro that is incredible! Reading stories like this get me super excited about continuing this journey that I am currently on. I even feel like this is starting to happen to me a little bit at my school too! Incredible :D
  8. Powerous

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    Yup The testosterone and pheromones and energy goes through the roof on NoFap/Semen Retention and people can sense it.
  9. astrofizzycyst

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    That's awesome man!! I definitely do feel that is something that people can sense. You must've felt awesome to receive that award. I would say the hardest part for me to continue the rebooting process is that it's not replaced by anything or awarded by anything. But while I keep trying, I hope to get a reward like that sometime. Then I'll be certainly convinced to never PM again!!
  10. iaj

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    We have been in contact since and she’s planning to return in March.
  11. iaj

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    Perhaps that’s the mistake you’re making: expecting a reward? I didn’t expect anything that evening except for focussing on having a good time with my friend and enjoying the meal. That’s the reward itself- self control; allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
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    My Journal
    i havent revieved phone numbers but the ladies have become very very flirty an talkative with me,even when i just go out for a walk they well smile an say hi, even if they are walking with other males, its a small thing but it hasnt happened before nofap,im in a brand new world it seems
  13. iaj

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    You’ve got that ‘energy’ too
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    Something like this happened to me on the new year. I was with 2 friends and 10 "strangers" (they were the friends of mine, I did not know them). There was this girl, beautiful. And, what the fuck, she talked to me the WHOLE F*CKING NIGHT. And I felt so good ! Not even shy or anything this time. Only 4 days on nofap. 4 f*cking days. I've never been this relaxed while talking to a girl (who was beautiful, additionaly). I don't know if it is a placebo effect but I was really confident, and she felt that I'm sure. I know I have a lot more to travel during my journey, but feeling this changes in me really motivate me.
  15. iaj

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    Many more moments to come if those 4 days turn into 44 days and so on...
  16. RightEffort

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    This is truly an inspiring post bro - amazing.
  17. RightEffort

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    I can confirm a similar experience after about a year with no PMO. I was in a relationship already and felt at the time that this is the girl that I may end up marrying.

    Was sitting at a coffee shop and talking to a friend on skype video - I had this beautiful blond girl come to me, leave me a note and smile and then walked out.

    I open the note and it was her phone number. I told my friend on skype ' you have no idea what just happened.'

    I prayed for her to be happiness, torn the number and throw it in the garage. 2 years after my relationship ended. :)
  18. iaj

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    You did the right thing. Respect to you
  19. topjobm8two

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    Awesome work bro - inspired.
  20. graymatter13

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    That's an amazing story man, inspires me to push through

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