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    hello nice people
    i want to participate in this forum even if my english is not good but i will try my max to be comprehensible
    i make a decision to write something here and share it withe you every day until i finish my rebooting time (90 days "i'm optimist") telling you everything. how i feel. the reasons of my fall in this black hole ( yeah my friend trust me the porn's addiction is like a black hole. it will absorbing you until there is nothing left of you. >> your dreams strength relationship smile... every thing) so my name is yassine i m 31 years old always alone no woman in my life NO WOMEN at all. i think that they found me a little but or a lot boring and not interesting because hmmmmm lets say that i'm shy!? i see no other reason i'm not ugly and sometimes a funny guy but always no chance
    i think it's enough for today i will continue tomorrow
    good luck folks =)

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