why am i attracted to 14 and 15 year old?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Hold the Line, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Hold the Line

    Hold the Line Fapstronaut

    I'm 22 and although i am attracted to women of my age, i am more attracted to younger girls, 18-17 years old and even 14 years old girls.
    explanation? i don't know exactly why, i am positive it has to do with my unconcious mind, with something called transference.
    Is this something normal?
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  2. OhWhenThe

    OhWhenThe Fapstronaut

    Although 14/15 is considered to be a child by law, biologically they are young women so it's understandable to find them attractive. That said, those thoughts should always remain as just thoughts.
  3. Hold the Line

    Hold the Line Fapstronaut

    Yeah right, clearly a relationship with a 14 year old is unwanted and unacceptable by the society as well as the law...
    In my country you could be sent to jail for this.
    However, what that i feel, cannot be changed unfortunately.
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  4. Beekind

    Beekind Fapstronaut

    Ask the higher power to heal you
  5. Mr. Rosco

    Mr. Rosco Fapstronaut

    leave it as a thought. don't go dating 14-year-olds. I am 14. 14-year-old girls are just uptight about everything and find everything offensive.
  6. Meshuga

    Meshuga Fapstronaut

    It makes some sense. I don't know what it is, but girls seem to be physically maturing faster than they used to (though mentally and emotionally it seems like everyone is maturing slower). Then it's that younger girls are more easily impressed with older guys, and they're innocent/unjaded/not cynical. Of course, it's that innocence and lack of defensiveness that makes them vulnerable, along with their inability to process long term consequences the way adults are, and the inherent power imbalance, that makes them ethically and lawfully off limits.

    Attraction is attraction. You can't control that, but you can control what you do with it. Don't cultivate it in your mind. In my recommendation, don't over value sex at all. Reboot, savor the hard mode, get your body accustomed to living without the anticipation of S. Enjoy life and **** for none. Be comfortable in your own body, don't get anxious about what you want or think you need, and quietly pursue your goals.
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  7. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    Maybe you like younger girls. And when you get older younger girls will be like 25 or something and not this young. If you still like 14-15 year olds as you get older. Seek help.
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  8. {Ananta}

    {Ananta} Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    i beleive its cause they're pheromones are the strongest , they most likely havent plunged deep in the pmo addiction at the moment which well weaken the pheromones ,my advice now that you hold this knowledge is dont hang around younger crowds of those ages, hang around crowds of your age, there is nothing wrong with you ,
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  9. ProminentPosterior

    ProminentPosterior Fapstronaut

    Gotta get it when it’s fresh
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  10. Dr.J_76ers

    Dr.J_76ers Fapstronaut

    Bruh I think you should just continue with your NoFap streak. There's actually a chance that this attractions to teenage girls will go away, and is just a symptom of porn. Obviously, don't act on it, just like if you felt the urge to shoot someone or something you probably wouldn't act on it.
    If it's not simply a symptom of porn addiction, just know that there are mature women that keep a youthful look throughout their lives.
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  11. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    Not funny.
  12. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    It's quite common. Most guys like younger girls. We are weird like that. And girls like older guys. They are weird like that.
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  13. Jeremybeans

    Jeremybeans Fapstronaut


    This is actually pretty normal, and documented by science. It's just not socially / "norm-ally" or legally acceptable.

    Know that you're not a freak. And stick to fucking girls who are of legal age.
  14. Budd S

    Budd S New Fapstronaut

    so... have you always been attracted to that younger age group? or is this something new?

    If it is a newer interest, I would suggest that your compulsions are getting stronger, your mind is looking for something new, something different, something "more" exciting than what you might have looked for in the past (older woman or age-appropriate scenes).

    For me, I started looking at younger girls out of curiosity and that kinda opened a door in my mind ("if that is what an 18 yo looks like, what does a 17 yo look like, what does a 16 yo look like")... for many reasons, it is a very dangerous path to travel. To break my cycle, I just imagine what any conversation might be like with a teen girl... non-adult, childish, teeny... absolutely nothing that I would be interested in regardless of how the physical appearance might be...

    The young actresses in P are paid professionals doing it for money... or immature enough to be coerced to tricked or prodded or exploited into sexual behaviors. Not the type of energy I need in my life.
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  15. g2stop

    g2stop Fapstronaut

    I think porn changes what you are attracted to. Porn seems to want people to become as perverted as possible. A lot of porn concentrates on making girls look young with young scenarios like incest? Schoolgirl etc
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  16. Wugazi32

    Wugazi32 Fapstronaut

    Biologically it makes perfect sense, nature has primed us to breed fertile young women. However, we don't live in a society where this is morally or socially accepted, so it's best to stay away from these thoughts.

    It doesn't help even mainstream p0rn promotes this kind of thinking:
    Barely legal teens, girls with braces, pigtails, schoolgirls, etc

    It's up to us to get out of this mode of thinking.
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  17. Akbarmagnus

    Akbarmagnus Fapstronaut

    i don't know that it make sense to breed a 14 years old girl, i'v read that at that age there are higher chance of miscarriage or pregnancy complication and beside evolutionary speaking do you really want a 14 years old girl watching over your kids while you go around hunting and stuff, methink that it would severely reduce their chance of reaching adulthood.
  18. Wugazi32

    Wugazi32 Fapstronaut

    People lived faster & died younger back then so they had kids younger. 14-20 is prime age biologically speaking, but mentally they're not mature enough. A lot of the girls in my class at school were pregnant at 14-15! I hadn't even started masterbation then, I guess girls develop quicker too hence why teenage girls go for older boys often.
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  19. Wugazi32

    Wugazi32 Fapstronaut

    All I will say is that girls develop quicker and look a lot more mature than they are! I think you've got to be careful, and follow your country's laws (16+ is legal here in UK) when I was 22 I was dating a 17 year old, but no one frowned at it, and our parents were supportive.
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  20. Mazda647

    Mazda647 Fapstronaut

    That there is what I find makes them attractive. The dark, predator side of me wants to defile them. What is freeing is acknowledging we can have these desires. Mind you, I do not recommend acting on them. It has taken many years of reflecting but I'm more comfortable now admitting my predator nature. I'd be attracted to a lady because I viewed them as weak. Why? Because I was weak.

    Thinking through as an adult. Do I really care who they are? Do I look at them and basically think "young thing"? In the end it's just me wanting to act out some sort of fantasy that pays no regard to who they are.

    I'm getting married next year and have been doing a lot of thinking. There's a lot of letting go of fantasies of what we are going to "do". In my teenage years and into adulthood I let what I experienced in TV, movies, books and porn to be a guide to what a relationship is. While I believe there is something about life to be learned about all these things, we should be mindful to not use our partner as a tool to bring these fantasies to life. Especially true with what we see in porn. Basically treat porn the same as entertainment wrestling and action hero movies in that they are all staged and not an accurate representation of reality.

    There's some of my views as to "why".
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