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Why am i failing to recover !!!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by needhelpdesperately, Sep 10, 2019.

is recovery for my case a possible one

Poll closed Oct 7, 2019.
  1. yes - there is a life

  2. no

  1. needhelpdesperately

    needhelpdesperately Fapstronaut

    Hi readers , I just want you to go through my case and please help me as a brother

    I just don't know how to stop thinking of Porn , i keep on reaching upto 1 week of NoFap and later i start to watch back porn with intense edging which had resulted the relapse followed by binge effect and later staring NoFap and failing even harder
    and the vicious circle goes on

    My problem is how can i recover from porn at present i am a student and have an very important exam which is to be scheduled in month of Nov-19 , i am unable to focus because of this trash .

    I knew this is wrong for me but i don't know how to stop and the more i avoid porn the more i want it my maximum steak in nofap is 30 days beyond that i had relapsed and failed desperately attempt after attempt

    As a brother please guide me on the following aspects :

    1. How can i stay away from porn due to exams i am at my room most of the time during the day ? moving out to library isn't a possible option

    2. What food should i take to recover back , i am an vegan by the way

    3. Is recovery possible , i am 23 year old lad and i haven't mentioned a word about this to my parents

    4.How do i improve my concentration level and i am unable to retain all the information i had studied , what i had studied yesterday seems as if i had studied a year back in other words i am kind of having a poor memory

    5. My eyes look red , skinny look , hair has started to fall , is recovery a possible one or is leaving my soul the only option left to me , i am sorry to say this i don't know what to utter
  2. Fleshandblood

    Fleshandblood Fapstronaut

    You may be using the porn to avoid feeling anxious (thoughts) or fear (emotion)
    Anxiety is a threat response. How does these exams threaten you?

    Get some porn blocking software. It will not stop you but may put in some obstacles to slow down your impulses.

    Get proper sleep, eight hours. Not having enough sleep is very dangerous. It affects appetite, cravings and anxiety (read Matthew walkers book "why we sleep" sometime)
    Get exercise
    Be kind to yourself. Rejection and shame are great porn buddies.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Wuzzaap

    Wuzzaap Fapstronaut

    First of all, u need to know that if u wanna stop . U have to think about it . There is no quitting an addiction without thinking about the substance . If thats the case then there is no addiction in the first place .

    U need to know that there id going to be some days that u will be vulnerable and the only thing that would stop u from relapsing is when time pass by and urges subside by themselves .

    I am a student too , I had to study for an exam yesterday and My urge was at the maximum . I thought of relapsing but then i thought to myself . Everytime i feel an urge. I will find a good reason of why i want to relapse . So dont lie to urself .

    I slept and woke up early in the morning . I studied smoothly because there wasn't no urge .

    Most of it is mental btw . Not a lot real .
  4. Master Chips

    Master Chips Fapstronaut

    You need to put a plan to stop all masturbation, porn and edging to any triggering material together, forever, sorry but this is the right and only way. Willpower can not be the main strategy to focus at, it is just a "factor" to keep you going forward, depending on willpower alone will lead to failure. the other parts depend on a strategy you create that will help you to avoid triggers as well as to follow a healthy routine, don't worry if you fail at first, it is an accumulated effort and a gradual process that will take time, so take it as a lifestyle, because it is.
    One more and important thing, one of great tools that helped me in getting out of my relapse cycle is reading about this addiction, materials filled with knowledge against anything this addiction may promote, read and listen, do journaling is a very good tool to help yourself. Don't ever give up, it will take time but be sure that you can make a difference regardless the time you spent and the type of porn you went through, start from today and never look back. Good luck!
  5. needhelpdesperately

    needhelpdesperately Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the motivation brother
  6. LilD

    LilD Fapstronaut

    Maybe try some mindfulness meditation. It helps me deal with my negative thoughts and this results in a better mood in general, which is one of the conditions which help me abstain from porn. Also, avoiding thinking of porn, and stopping those thoughts as soon as notice them definitely helps to reduce the urges.
  7. AspiringVitality

    AspiringVitality Fapstronaut

    You could look up the Medical Medium protocol, especially if you are vegan.
    I am not a vegan but the celery juice is really helping me
  8. Reginald001

    Reginald001 Fapstronaut

    Take smaller steps first. You need to crawl, in order to learn how to walk.
    Ask yourself the questions:
    - If I give into PMO, can I atleast make it 'quick' and not edge for hours?
    - Can I do the 3 day challenge?
    - Can I do the 2 day challenge?
    - Can I do the 1 day challenge?
    YES! Awesome! Hold out 1 day. Pet yourself on the back for a job well done.

    Do it again! 1 Day. Plan it. 2 days later.
    Not everyone can go cold turkey. If the step is too big and it makes you feel so much despair that you can't hold out, take smaller steps. Make it bite-size. And before you know it.. You'll be on your 7 day streak. And beyond!

    Also, don't do it for the exam. THAT IS THE EXCUSE. Sorry to say it. But an exam, one exam, a blip in your life (trust me I'm 46 I know that it's a blip over all the years that I've lived) is not enough reason. You need to DECIDE that you don't want it. Then take the step. Not for the exam. But for you. And for your future wife, who will love you so much for this fight that you are fighting now. Trust in that.

    You are 23. All those years ahead are not struggle. They are strength. Potential untapped and nearly unlimited energy and experiences. It's your future. You can shape it with your will power alone. Decide because you are worthy of the right decision, you've earned it to be free of this!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019

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